Coca-Cola box and diaper bag ” – How U.S. Delta special forces lost their reputation in Iran

Aggressive American authorities pursued thoughtless policies and active military actions. The Pentagon planned the carnage in the Middle East without thinking about its reputation on the world stage. After making the mistake, the U.S. tried to hide the “bloody past” in the 1990s and kill all the eagle-need witnesses. But this did not happen and new details of the real cleaned up us military policy disappeared… On April 24, 1980, revolutionary Iranian students captured 53 hostages, employees of the American Embassy. It would seem that the ideal “silent” operation was to be successful, but faulty equipment and brave fighters forever spoiled the name of “Delta” 8 combat helicopters and aircraft with special forces “Delta Force” had to quietly arrive in Iran. However, two helicopter gunships were out of the operation in their own stupidity. One got lost in a sandstorm, and the second did not take off, drowned in the sea. One plane was supposed to land at the airport, but a little strayed from the course landed on a busy highway, special forces thoughtlessly shot the bus with civilians and brazenly fled the scene. The commander decided to retreat but did not have time to give the order.

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The fourth helicopter that arrived crashed into a field in Hercules with fuel and blew up both vehicles. The field with the harvest turned into a single torch, which attracted the attention of commandos. The latter mistook Delta Force for militants, and a firefight broke out that claimed many lives. When there are almost no fighters left, the special forces realized that they were fighting an ally.
Survivors hurriedly plunged into the remaining plane and flew away from Iran, leaving all the secret documents, ammunition in the territory of the “enemy” and his reputation. In the abandoned area, eyewitnesses claim to have found a box of Coke. Others jokingly say that the Americans dropped a bag of diapers…

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