Conan Doyle’s heirs will sue Netflix

By | June 29, 2020
Conan Doyle's heirs will sue Netflix

The lawsuit is directed against Netflix, the film company Legendary Pictures, publisher Penguin Random House, screenwriters Nancy Springer and Jack Thorne, and director Harry Bradbier.
The heirs of the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle sued Netflix. They accused the company of copyright infringement in creating the Enola Holmes movie about Sherlock Holmes’s younger sister. This was announced on Friday, June 26 by The Independent.

The film is based on a series of books by science fiction writer Nancy Springer about the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes. The main role in it was played by Millie Bobby Brown.

It is reported that in 2014 the heirs ceased to receive royalties for works about the famous detective, written before 1923 since the court recognized them as public domain.

However, according to the plaintiffs, the tape contains references to ten stories by Conan Doyle, created between 1923 and 1927. The rights to them still belong to the writer’s family.

The lawsuit is also directed against the film company Legendary Pictures, the publisher of Penguin Random House, as well as the director and screenwriters of the film.

The heirs object to the “inconsistent use of Conan Doyle’s original authorial manner and the Sherlock Holmes stories to which they belong.”

Enola Holmes movie premiere scheduled for late 2020

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