Congress intends to publish 53 documents on Russian “interference” in US elections

Congress intends to publish 53 documents on Russian “interference” in US elections

At least 53 of the transcript of testimony about the alleged “Russian intervention” in U.S. elections 2016 are being prepared for publication. On Thursday, May 7, according to the Fox News channel. Channel refers to the letter from the acting Director of national intelligence Richard Grenell the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives Adam Schiff on May 4. We are talking about the results of the investigation of Republicans, who led the Committee through 2019.

“All of the transcripts from our necessary revision can be made public without any fear of disclosure of secret material,” the letter reads.

Grenell wrote Schiff, that the consideration of 43 of the 53 transcripts “was completed in June 2019” and that the “interdepartmental review остальных10 of the transcripts was completed.”

The remaining 10 records included interviews with the eldest son of President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., a former adviser to Steve Bannon, brother-in-law of the President and Advisor Jared Kushner, trump’s assistant, hope Hicks and former Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski.

At the moment it is unknown when exactly Grinnell will be able to publish these documents.

Earlier, on May 5, the Department of homeland security (DHS) and the FBI described the possible methods that Russia, according to them, may apply to intervene in the upcoming presidential elections. Among them are listed the secret business of candidates and their election headquarters, a hacker attack, the impact on the audience through social media and state-controlled media, the use of economic leverage, manipulation with the database of voters, providing financial support to candidates.

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The first charges in an alleged influence of Russia on the internal processes in the United States were made in 2016, after winning the presidential election of the Republican trump. In March 2019, the U.S. Justice Department released a report on the investigation in the “case of the Russian Federation” of spectacular Robert Mueller, who was never found trump collusion with Russia during the election campaign