Congress requires Walt Disney to make excuses for shooting the movie “Mulan” in China.

By | September 12, 2020
Congress requires Walt Disney to make excuses for shooting the movie

Members of both chambers of the U.S. Congress from the Democratic and Republican parties sent a letter to The Walt Disney Company because of the shooting of the film “Mulan”.

Politicians are asking the company to explain its cooperation with Chinese security agencies during the production of the film, which was filmed in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China (XUAR).

As the press service of the Congress Commission on China informs on September 12, the corresponding explanations were demanded from the head of the corporation, Bob Chapek. He must report on his contacts with Chinese law enforcement in XUAR, where according to Washington “systematically violated the rights of Uighurs.

“The decision to remove parts of the Mulan in XUAR, in cooperation with local security and propaganda services, is a tacit recognition of the legitimacy of these criminals, whose actions could amount to genocide,” the letter said.
18 senators and members of the House of Representatives have signed this appeal.

We remind that XUAR is inhabited by one of the most numerous national minorities of China – Uighurs, the majority of which profess Islam.

According to the Chinese authorities, separatist groups associated with the international terrorist Islamist underground are operating in the area.

The “raid” by the Congressional Commission on the Disney Company is undoubtedly linked to the fact that relations between China and the United States have been going through far worse recently. At the same time, this fact is also actively used in the presidential election campaign.

Thus, earlier American President Donald Trump predicted China’s power over the USA in case the candidate from the Democratic Party Joseph Biden wins the presidential elections to be held in November this year.

As reported by EADaily, as one of the measures to combat the Chinese economy Trump announced his intention to ban Chinese companies, including Alibaba, in the United States. Before that, he had already banned in the country TikTok.