Congresswoman resigns over sex scandal with girl

By | October 28, 2019
Congresswoman resigns over sex scandal with girl

Congresswoman – U.S. Democratic Rep. Katie Hill has resigned after allegations of sexual misconduct with staffers in her office. This is reported by Politico.

Hill, for her part, said on Twitter that she was “heartbroken” to make the decision. The case against Hill is being investigated by the House Ethics Committee over information about sex with a subordinate who works in Congress, but she denies it. At the same time, Hill acknowledged and apologized for the “unacceptable sexual relationship” with the girl on her campaign trail.

The Democrat also accused her ex-husband of disclosing the story and posting explicit photos online, calling it revenge for a difficult divorce. It is noted that Hill predicted a great future in the party. She is openly bisexual.

On July 12, it was reported that Alexander Acosta, who served as U.S. Secretary of Labor, resigned. It comes amid a scandal over a deal that prosecutors in 2008 struck with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexual misconduct.

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