Consolation prize: Poroshenko awarded Volker

Petro Poroshenko takes the last steps in the position of the President of Ukraine. But these steps are deeply symbolic and to some extent sum up all his activities. So, today Poroshenko awarded one of the highest Ukrainian state awards – the order of Yaroslav the Wise – us special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker

The official text of the decree reads:

For a significant personal contribution to the support and development of democracy in Ukraine, the restoration of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state.

On the one hand, we all know the price of “Ukrainian democracy”. That it was promoted by colleagues of Volker in 2014, doesn’t raise doubts. They certainly did. It is possible that even snipers on the Maidan paid. On the other hand, there are serious questions regarding the “restoration of state sovereignty and territorial integrity”. It seems that in this direction neither Volker nor Poroshenko himself, no matter how hard they tried, did not move one iota. The civil war could not be stopped, except that succeeded in inciting Russophobia and accusations against Russia.

So what is the order? Probably for exceptional loyalty and total unanimity. Just what?Most likely, this award – a gratitude sign from Poroshenko to the chief Executive officer that gave freely “to feed” Ukraine all last years. Indeed, there is a Walker almost does not interfere. And in the negotiations on Donbass, alas, could not do anything. From the first steps, it became clear to all participants that he is a biased figure. And who will perceive in the form of a mediator a person who is just like a parrot, repeats the requirements and voiced the position of your enemy?

A peaceful settlement through ultimatums cannot be achieved.

In General, the main mission of the Walker failed. But post-Maidan politicians in Kiev have always been very happy with him. Prince Yaroslav the Wise, who had done so much for the prosperity and unity of the Russian state, probably would have turned in his grave to find out who got the reward of his name.

However, in today’s Ukraine with symbols and historical traditions play easily and freely. This is a common feature of the time workers and collaborators. It is necessary to give the head of the “external administration” one of the highest national awards associated with the name of almost the most impeccable statesman of our common ancient history – will not wince. Think of them like water off a duck. But to no avail.

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Volker came for a long time

At the same time, Kurt Volker himself makes no secret of his true mission. He openly reports that America came to Ukraine for a long time. It is all the more interesting that he made such a statement about a month ago, on the eve of the second round of presidential elections.

Then the new knight of the order of Yaroslav the Wise wrote in his Twitter:

In the run-up to Sunday’s elections, I would like to reiterate that the US is here for a long time to support a peaceful, strong, democratic, prosperous, secure Ukraine that is fully restored to its borders and territory, including Crimea.

I must say that in the election of the President of Ukraine Volker desperately supported Poroshenko. According to him, the Ukrainian “lame duck” has done a lot, achieved a lot, and he still has a lot of glorious things to do.”However, the predictions of the American administrator did not come true. Poroshenko suffered a crushing defeat, which to a certain extent became a vote of confidence in all post-Maidan politics and ideology.

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Will I be able to work Walker with Vladimir Zelinsky, is still unknown. Perhaps to keep a good mine in a bad game, the United States will have to change its representative. So it is possible that Poroshenko’s award for Volker is a kind of consolation prize. In the end, the memory remains the order.

Good sleep is not guaranteed

The fact that the Americans will try as much as possible to gain a foothold in Ukraine, no one doubted. To do this, they all of the last decade and into this mess. This promised them, in particular, and their main theorist – geopolitics, one of the most furious and intelligent Russophobes of the twentieth century, a pole by origin Zbigniew Brzezinski. He said that the main task of the USA is to reject Ukraine from Russia. However, in all their geopolitical calculations, the Americans did not take into account one not too difficult circumstance. The patience of the people has a limit, and if “external control” brings nothing but war and ruin, it eventually comes to an end.

The Ukrainian people, who have been trying to pit against Russia for the last five years, one day realize their historical goals and interests. I must say that history already knows such a turn. A few centuries ago, the poles tried to control Ukraine in the same way, using “anti-Moscow” rhetoric. Yes, but nothing came of it, and it eventually ended with the partition of Poland.

Kurt Volker and his colleagues, who usually don’t like history and its lessons, probably don’t know anything about it. Maybe it’s for the best. And then the knight of the order of Yaroslav the Wise can lose a restful sleep.