Coronavirus has killed 21 times more people in new York than the flu

Coronavirus has killed 21 times more people in new York than the flu

Scientists have estimated the death rate from coronavirus in new York. It was 21 times higher than the seasonal flu epidemic. Thus, the reassuring forecasts of American experts and doctors were not justified.

The forecasts of experts and doctors that the coronavirus epidemic will be no more dangerous than seasonal flu have not been justified. In three months in New York, 21 times more people died from COVID-19 than during the same period from flu, the medRxiv portal States.

In the early stages of the epidemic, a number of American experts and doctors reassured US citizens that more people were allegedly dying from the common flu than from the new COVID-19 coronavirus infection. However, their arguments were met with relentless statistics. Even with a relatively low number of deaths, the death toll in the United States is already measured in the tens of thousands.

Since the figures for reporting flu and coronavirus deaths are sometimes underestimated and sometimes overstated, the researchers used data on average mortality and then compared it with data from a seasonal flu epidemic, as well as data from three months of the coronavirus epidemic.

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It turned out that during the period of the coronavirus epidemic, excess mortality was 21.4 times more than during the same period last year during the seasonal flu. Scientists suggest that most deaths are associated with the new disease. That is, even if you make a discount, the difference is still at least 21 times.