Coronavirus is called to make us slaves: Colonel of the GRU of Russia revealed the truth about the disease

Coronavirus is called to make us slaves: Colonel of the GRU of Russia revealed the truth about the disease

The Colonel of GRU of Russia made a loud confession about the creation and purpose of the pandemic coronavirus. In an interview with the Studio “Abroad,” Vladimir Kvachkov has revealed the truth about the spreading coronavirus and named four reasons for its creation.

The words of Colonel GRU: “Artificially created by the coronavirus — a command post-exercise of the global financial backstage of the United States, designed, first, to reduce the world population to only the rich and a billion slaves for their service. Because of the growing population of the planet begins to face the great excitement of the people and the offset of the ruling rich on Earth. Second, to cause panic and it’s time to take away from citizens of various political rights spelled out previously in the Constitution, to make it easier to seize power. The third reason is the artificial creation of an economic crisis, in which citizens are asked to tighten their belts and suffer in silence, while others continue to Rob the people and lead all to the complete impoverishment of the population of the planet. And finally the fourth is the destruction of the geopolitical enemies of the United States, such as China and of course Russia is a vast land and wealth, which always attracted the eyes of Americans.”

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In China, however, saw through the plan of the Americans and the pandemic immediately stopped. Now under the scope of the United States was Italy and all of Europe that suffered just as soon as tried to support Russia and to go against the interests of Washington. If America will be able to realize your concept, all this will undoubtedly lead to that of the citizens who will make slaves who are obliged to obey and follow the whims of his master.

Despite the air of conspiracy, all said Kvachkov quite like the truth, and in General to suspect him of lying no reason. Also, the GRU Colonel gave good advice for combating coronavirus, said, “Until we get rid of the internal parasites who rule us, we are with other parasites can not cope”.

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