Coronavirus has opened the way for other dangerous epidemics - doctors

Coronavirus has opened the way for other dangerous epidemics – doctors

Coronavirus pandemics can provoke worldwide outbreaks of other infectious diseases. And first of all, it is about measles.
This conclusion was made by scientists from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne. Their disappointing forecast was published by The Lancet magazine.

According to experts, the number of children suffering from measles will increase the faster the more babies start missing out on routine vaccinations.

And this process is inevitable due to restrictive measures associated with coronavirus. Poverty will also increase, including through cuts in social assistance in many developing countries.

“Unvaccinated children are almost 100 percent likely to have a measles epidemic next year,” said the leading author of the study, Professor Kim Mulholland of the Institute.
Citing WHO data, he said about 94 million children on the planet missed out on routine vaccinations this year because immunization procedures were delayed due to the pandemic.

“All of the above suggests that next year measles and bark rubella may reach the peak of epidemics that only old doctors now remember,” he concluded.
Measles (lat. Morbilli) is an acute infectious viral disease with a very high infection rate, the causative agent of which is the measles virus. It is characterized by high fever (up to 40.5 ° C), inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and upper respiratory tract, general intoxication.

According to estimates of the World Health Organization, in 2018 about 140 thousand people died from measles in the world, most of them children under five years old.

Earlier EADaily reported that in early November, WHO and the UN began to record a marked increase in polio and measles among children in the Third World.

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