Coronavirus victims mourn in Spain

By | May 26, 2020
Coronavirus victims mourn in Spain

Mourning declared for ten days is the longest period of mourning in the history of democracy.
The Spanish government has announced ten-day mourning for victims of the coronavirus. It is reported by 20minutos on Tuesday, May 26.

“Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced this Saturday that next Tuesday, the executive will approve an official declaration of official mourning across the country in memory of the victims of Covid-19,” the publication said.

All over Spain – on buildings and on warships – flags will be lowered. This is the longest period of mourning in the history of democracy – since 1978.

Recall that Spain has revised coronavirus statistics. There were fewer deaths from coronavirus infection in Spain after recounting data. Previously, some cases were mistakenly taken into account twice.

Earlier in China, Coronavirus Victims Memorial Day was announced. Nationwide mourning for the deceased as a result of the pandemic was declared on April 4. More than 3.3 thousand people became victims of COVID-19 in the country.

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