Coronavirus will take the lives of 1.7 billion people. By March 8, all of humanity will be infected

Based on the data in print, experts have created a table that shows how the epidemic is spreading.

At present, this is exactly what is happening – as predicted by the proposed scenario. However, it is believed that in fact, everything is much worse, because it is possible to diagnose coronavirus only, having special diagnostic kits, and they have not every hospital. And the habit of the authorities to hide everything, too, hardly went anywhere.

Experts made their prediction until February 22, hesitant to predict what could be next. However, in the editorial office of one of the well-known news sites, the calculation continued, observing the same obvious principles, which are presented in the table.

According to this table, if the process continues at the same pace and nothing changes, by March 8 of this 2020, 7 billion 760 thousand will be infected. human beings, and that’s the entire population of our planet. The editors did not stop there and continued their calculations:

The data showed that there would be nowhere else to grow the epidemic, so the field on the left is already empty. At this stage, only the counting of the dead is possible. The strictly scientific calculation showed that 1 billion 694 million 239 thousand people would die from coronavirus. 367 people.

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This is not a question of any panic – it is only dry mathematics operating evidence, but the humanitarians of the WHO, believe in the editorial, it apparently does not recognize or see the obvious. Any sane person, including the authors tables, I would like to see these predictions not confirmed. It is also unknown how likely a nuclear war is, and it is not known what the mortality rate is in different countries. Surely today one thing is clear – if you do not localize the epidemic now, the forecast is likely to come true, and then more than one and a half billion people on Earth will be less. It remains only to observe how events develop.