Corruption in U.S. Department of Justice: Concord Management judge linked to Mueller and Weissman

The Federal News Agency publishes a translation of an article by American journalist Jim Hoft entitled “Massive conflict of interest – corruption is flourishing! The husband of the judge who is hearing Mueller’s case against the Russian company is closely related to Mueller and Weissman!” (HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST – CORRUPT AS HELL! Husband of Judge Overseeing Mueller Case Against Russian Company Closely Linked to Mueller and Corrupt ‘Pitbull’ Weissmann!), published by The Gateway Pundit.

Judge Dabney Friedrich, who is leading the ridiculous case of the special prosecutor of the U.S. Department of Justice Robert Mueller against Concord Management, for some reason believes that is above the law. Despite the existence of a real conflict of interest, it continues to work with the case against the Russian company.

Dubai Friedrich has something to explain. As it turned out, her husband – prosecutor Matthew Friedrich – is associated with key persons in Mueller’s team. This is yet another major conflict of interest that is completely contrary to all the principles of judicial procedure and the rule of law.

Thus, it became known that Judge Dabney Friedrich’s husband was a friend of Robert Mueller when Mueller was head of the FBI.” Here is a picture of judge Dabney Friedrich’s husband, the fraudster Matthew Friedrich, who was briefly acquainted with Mueller,” wrote American journalist and analyst Stephen McIntyre.

McIntyre quoted Bickman Kruger as pointing out that Matthew Friedrich was closely associated with Mueller through Andrew Weissman, nicknamed “Pitbull,” who is referred to as the “chain dog” of the special prosecutor leading the case against Concord Management and the case of the alleged interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Previously – and this is confirmed by the photos available on the Internet – Andrew Weissman and Matt Friedrich worked together on the case against Arthur Andersen, which was accused of obstruction of justice – there were released documents related to the shredder of documents related to the American energy company Enron.
Corruption in U.S. Department of Justice: Concord Management judge linked to Mueller and Weissman

It’s amazing that Judge Dabney Friedrich is hearing this case – given that her husband worked so closely with Weissman and also interacted with Mueller when he was in charge of the FBI.
Prosecutor Sidney Powell said Friedrich worked with Weissman and was involved in a murky case against Sen. Ted Stevens in 2008. Now his wife is pursuing a fake case brought by Mueller against the Russian company Concord Management. Isn’t that a significant conflict of interest?

Earlier reports emerged that the judge had reprimanded Concord Management’s lawyers for the language they used, calling them “unprofessional, inappropriate and ineffective.” Thus, Judge Friedrich is more interested in what language the lawyers use rather than the facts of the case. Now we know why – a conflict of interest does not allow her to honestly assess the situation.
It became known, in addition, that Mueller’s gang hid millions of pages of unclassified information in the case against Concord Management. Sales representatives of the “deep state” claim that this was done “for the sake of national security.”
Corruption in U.S. Department of Justice: Concord Management judge linked to Mueller and Weissman

At the same time, the lawyers of the Russian company made a mockery of Mueller in court and brought him to clean water.

As we have noted before, in an attempt to link its investigation to Russia on February 2018, Mueller’s team indicted 13 Russians. It was already suspicious – because everyone knew that these people would never be brought to justice because they would never come to the U.S. to stand trial – whether they were guilty or innocent, they would not take risks.

Unfortunately for Mueller, things didn’t go according to plan. The lawyers for Concord Management, one of three Russian companies indicted along with 13 Russians, arrived at court. Mueller’s team was taken by surprise, none of them expected such a turnaround. They immediately asked the judge to give them more time, but their application was rejected because they were the first to bring charges against the Russian company.

During the trial, Concord Management’s lawyers noted that one of the three companies no longer existed at the time of the indictment. They stressed that this is the case in which the U.S. government accuses a “ham sandwich” (this expression came into use after Judge Saul Wachtler said in 1985 that state prosecutors had the power to force jurors even a ham sandwich. It’s a good thing. FAN).

At a subsequent court hearing, Concord Management’s lawyers said Mueller’s team’s accusations against 13 Russians were fake nonsense – people Mueller’s team tried to link to Concord Management did not even exist.
Corruption in U.S. Department of Justice: Concord Management judge linked to Mueller and Weissman

According to the company’s lawyers, Mueller’s team ignored more than 70 requests for information on the case. In response, Mueller’s team only offered to provide Concord Management’s lawyers with a huge amount of data from the accounts of “dangerous trolls” who allegedly tried to influence the U.S. election from social media. Most of this data was in the Russian language.

Mueller’s lawyers then acknowledged that they didn’t even have a translation of English for these Russian-language social media posts. (In doing so, do they claim that these messages in the Russian language had any impact on Americans?)

The case of Russian interference in the U.S. election soon turned into one big laughing stock when Concord Management’s lawyers questioned the validity of Mueller’s accusations.

At a hearing on October 15, the company’s lawyers said the special prosecutor’s case revolved around a 100-year-old law that Mueller’s team is trying to use in an uncharacteristic way. Concord Management’s lawyers then accused Mueller’s team of fabricating the crime after no evidence was provided to bolster the prosecution’s position. The company’s lawyers said Mueller’s team is trying to control everything people write online because according to the special prosecutor’s logic, all people who sit on the Internet anonymously also fall under section 371 of Section 18 of the U.S. Code of Law.

In November, the court rejected a petition by Concord Management, which demanded that the proceedings be halted on the grounds that Mueller had fabricated the crime. And now we know why – the connection with the judge!
Corruption in U.S. Department of Justice: Concord Management judge linked to Mueller and Weissman

The case continued. Lawyers for Concord Management continue to argue that Mueller’s gang fabricated the crime – and now it’s also trying to create secret channels to transfer data to the judge without notifying the other party. got someone’s nude selfie. Concord Management’s attorneys say, “Can’t the way they got this selfie to threaten the national security of the United States?” According to Concord Management’s lawyers, this is only an excuse not to disclose the source of the photo.

Concord Management’s lawyers stress that Mueller’s team is a bunch of “state thugs.”

Example: On 20 December, at the request of Mr. Dubelle (Concord Management’s counsel), the case was reopened, which was once led by The Chief Prosecutor of Mueller, Andrew Weissman.

Nearly two decades ago, Weissman chaired the Justice Department’s working group on the Enron case. He was able to obtain an indictment against the accounting firm Arthur Andersen for destroying the financial documents of a bankrupt energy firm. A few years later, members of the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously overturned the verdict. A 2005 decision stated that Arthur Andersen, who had ceased operations at the time, and its 28,000 employees had not committed a crime.” Mr. Dubelle is absolutely right about Mr. Mueller’s motives and tactics,” said prosecutor Sidney Powell, whose book ” License to Lie” exposes many scandals at the U.S. Department of Justice. “His assistant Weisman often violates the procedure of investigation and does not respect the facts or the law at all.

He will fabricate anything to win, and for his team of like-minded people every ruined life in pursuit of their goal is an achievement.”

In addition, Mueller’s team is extremely corrupt. Concord Management’s lawyers said they provided the court with documents that were supposed to be confidential – but Mueller’s team somehow gained access to them.

Double said he provided confidential evidence to an independent advisor, but it soon fell into the hands of Mueller’s team – no doubt a surprising coincidence.

So Mueller’s team was stealing evidence. Concord Management’s lawyers then filed another memo in the case accusing Mueller’s thugs of withholding information from Concord’s lawyers.

As previously reported by the portal Law’Crime, lawyers for Concord Management said that Mueller illegally hides “millions of pages of unclassified material” from the defense and tries to “whisper” to the court in one-sided discussions some secrets. On Friday, Concord Management’s lawyers focused on the topic of secrecy, starting with a quote from the English historian and politician Lord Acton: “All the secret falls into disrepair, even the administration of justice; nothing is reliable if it cannot show how it can withstand discussion and publicity.”

Concord Management’s lawyer quoted the film “Beast.”

“The arguments of the special prosecutor remind me of Otter’s famous phrase: “You can’t worry all your life about your own mistakes! You totally screwed up, you believed us. Try to see the good in it!”

Concord Management says it has no idea whether “any of the investigators or assistants of the independent counsel or special prosecutor improperly passed the above information.”

Mueller’s gang has never been given so much power to conduct any investigation. It was necessary to stop it at the very beginning because of a conflict of interest. Now we know that the judge considering this case is also corrupt and in a situation of conflict of interest!

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