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COVID-19 pandemic is China’s victory over the rest of the world

A global pandemic that struck our planet at the beginning of this year certainly will go down in the history books. And, most likely (I believe) not because of the number of victims, or a total “coverage” almost all mankind, and due to the fact that it is, almost inevitably, will be the starting point of a new stage of world history. Today we can confidently draw some very obvious results of the events of recent months and make conclusions from them. What? Let’s try to figure this out.

Got China…

Although China became the first government to fell under a crushing and sinister strike COVID-19, today more appropriate to talk about her victories, what about the losses that it suffered in the fight with the invisible but deadly enemy. Yes, the number that have survived the disease in China so far the largest in the world, however, something tells us that very soon the country of this sad “championship” will lose. Economy? The fact that the economy of China is already “wakes up” and begins to recover after they experienced a tremendous shake-up, already recognized even in the International Monetary Fund – organization, to excessive optimism, as we know, does not tend. More than 90% of the local enterprises and companies have already resumed work and is now preparing to work hard in order to regain lost internally. According to the estimates of financial analysts, Beijing now is not be afraid of their own problems, and almost certain recession in the world economy, which it is, of course, affect certainly. So, according to analysts at the Australian & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), in the worst-case… China will get a slowdown in economic growth to 3.1% for the year! But this is the most negative Outlook. In its basic version is already in the current year the GDP growth will exceed 4%, and next will come all on 6%. So what can the Chinese comrades did not survive? There’s even an increase in unemployment during the worst months of the epidemic amounted to 1% (by official figures). This is despite the fact that due to the impact of the pandemic, the international labor organization predicts in the near future, the loss of work of at least 25 million people on the planet… Yes, Beijing will have to spend money on liquidation of consequences of disasters, support local business (which, however, is from the first days of the coming trouble), but if anyone had hoped that the Chinese economy will collapse under the impact of the coronavirus, he constantly miscalculated.

Generally speaking, one of the main achievements of China is that its government and people showed the whole world We are not to blame! Against China is useless to use biological weapons, there is nothing even to try to arrange a “color revolution” or something similar. In fact, the epidemic of the coronavirus was a test and the school not only Chinese doctors, but also for security officers, military, civil administration, and many others. The whole system of government of China for its impeccable and highly effective action has proven to “restore order” in this country will always, even in the most severe and catastrophic situations. Incidentally, there is no doubt that along the way in the fight against COVID-19, the government decided a lot more pressing issues, simply especially without advertising it. The country is fairly “cleaned” from illegal immigrants and other questionable personalities. At the same time got rid of masses of “undesirable” aliens – those usually turn out to not have themselves rushed to the exit, pushing each other. Control system for public security, and so in China reached almost perfection, no doubt has been improved even more – for example, the local security cameras now, as far as we know, identifier people, even in masks. And by the way, Buz in Hong Kong, Beijing brought a lot of headaches subsided as though by itself. There is no doubt – repeating it in the near future expect just not worth it. Most importantly, the whole world is visibly and concretely aware of their dependence on China – with his money, goods, a supply of components, logistics and supply chains. Now a hundred times will think before fighting. However, what is there to quarrel. The inhabitants of Italy, which the Chinese comrades, in contrast to its neighbors in the European Union, the first to a helping hand, now they almost worship. And for good reason! The credibility and weight of China in the world today has increased many times over, and it’s only the beginning of the process. On the red flag with Golden stars, it is possible still will pray in many countries…And that lost the USA

At the time of this writing, the United States ranks third in the world in the number of laboratory-confirmed cases of infection COVID-19. Not death, but the number of cases – by far. However, more than 30 thousand infected is not a potential 150 million, of which, I remember, mentioned Donald trump in his extremely “optimistic” statement. However, in the American economy, things are already going bad. Economist of Bank of America’s Michelle Meyer predicts no slowdown and a fall in the second quarter of this year by 12%! The government is desperately trying to save the situation, saying about the future distributions of compensation to everyone. Promised the first thousand dollars, as far as we know, grew to three. However, the US stock market has recently “caved in” to the third and back up is not going to. In the USA already there are voices that the country soon will finish strict quarantine measures than contagion. The experts say that attempts “to preserve the health of the society at the cost of destroying the health of the economy” will inevitably result in something very bad, until the collapse of the state. It does not quote from the “mouthpieces of the Kremlin propaganda” and of articles published today by The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Moreover, the pandemic has already dispelled many misconceptions regarding the United States, including their own citizens. Talk about “perfect” and “affordable” medicine was a myth. The same, incidentally, as “a powerful and reliable army”… Another American media – magazine Politico, to the nines carries “readiness” of countries to combat the biological threat, stating: “We were completely defenseless!”. A sufficient number of tests no, hospitals do not have enough is not something that the apparatus for artificial lung ventilation, but simply of available beds. Everything is rushing and did not seem too well aware that all you need to do.

About how serious it is, suggests the following fact: the Pentagon has already made and approved top-secret plans Octagon, Freejack, and Zodiac. They are, according to representatives of the Ministry, “to ensure continuity of government in the most extreme cases”. How extreme? They painted military action algorithms in case of a “total drop” of power, the physical destruction of most of its representatives and the inability of the constitutional succession of the President, Congress, Supreme court and so on. In fact, this transition manual control by the United States in the hands of the generals. Anyway, in the beginning of February, the Secretary of defense mark Esper already “activated” Northern command’s (NORTHCOM), established under the leadership of General of the air force Terence John O’Shaughnessy, based in Colorado springs. This unit was actually established after the September 11 attacks for most emergencies. Today it had been instructed to begin preparations for the “emergency missions”… Most interesting is that with all this, Washington continues to behave absolutely in his own style – “the world hegemon” and planetary “policeman”, there is not a day someone indicate, threaten, impose new sanctions. At the same time that the White House, the Department of State to focus not want to see very clear things: test the world leadership with which they are worn on the right give the left and right valuable guidance, the United States defeated once and for all. Moreover, they are abandoned to the fate of their own NATO allies in Europe – today the aircraft of the military transport aviation of the USA in full out of literally dying from the epidemic of Italy tests for the coronavirus. Send medicines and remedies there just Chinese.

No doubt, it is in accordance with the so changed algorithm the real action in crisis situations in the future and will build a totally new relationship in the world. About all, you can say after the scandal with German scientists from the company CureVac working today in collaboration with the Paul Ehrlich Institute associated with the Ministry of health, Germany the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus? Leaked shocking revelations of its leaders: the big money and all conceivable benefit for the fact that this drug will be the “exclusive property” of the United States, they were offered almost personally Donald trump. Very, you know, in his style anyway, but help in the fight against the pandemic of Americans today have not offered to anyone. With the exception of Iran (obviously, in the order of bullying), which this proposal with anger has rejected. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei responded by calling Americans “a bunch of quacks who have no confidence” and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has quite reasonably suggested that the quality of care is simply to remove the sanctions – at least at the time of the pandemic. Washington, as expected, responded with stony silence. The world today nailed the terror of the COVID-19 and grief for those who died from it. But it will pass. And then people will start to remember who and how behaved during this disaster. Who helped, saved, supported, and who do not just spit on all around, but also profited on the planet hit the mountain or at least tried to cash in. People don’t forget anything and draw conclusions…

Relations between China and the United States continue to deteriorate. Beijing never took back his words about the “American origin” COVID-19, and trump and Pompeo with perseverance parrots continue at every opportunity to call him an

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