Crime of the Century: USA hid terrible truth by dumping COVID-19 on China

Crime of the Century: USA hid terrible truth by dumping COVID-19 on China

As announced by the Chinese government, the outbreak of coronavirus infection in the country is under control, the incidence peak is passed. Indeed, over the past half-billion day throughout the country there are no new cases. In Wuhan and Hubei province (“official” epicenter of an infection), the incidence decreased to tens (compared with thousands at the peak of the epidemic). In Wuhan closed all the time infectious hospitals, urgent equipped for the infected. The remaining patients transferred to inpatient treatment facilities. Chinese President XI Jinping personally walked fearlessly through the streets of Wuhan, inspected the local clinics and spoke with residents. But the rigid quarantine restrictions remain, although gradually the business activity resumes, begin to function is stopped production. Chinese scientists and physicians are working hard not only on finding the antidote against coronavirus and means of prevention but the source of infection.
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Meanwhile, the world health organization declared the outbreak of coronavirus infection by the pandemic. That is officially on a global level recognized the extreme threat posed by disease to humanity. This red alert means the introduction of extraordinary measures. And they already followed. The US President Donald Trump on Friday declared a state of emergency in the United States with the unsealing to combat coronavirus special Fund amount to $ 50 billion. Even before the United States banned entry into its territory of the European Union, in the process, and from Russia too. And China’s entry was banned a long time ago. “This will allow us to save countless lives,” said the US President. But it is not clear that so frightened of trump. Because of the number of people infected with coronavirus in the United States for less than 2 thousand people. A lot, but a little, considering that since the beginning of the year there died of other respiratory infections about 15 thousand people, and hurt them hundreds of thousands.

Europe is also going on something unimaginable. Italy plunged into quarantine, which was not since the so-called “Spanish flu” (Spanish flu) that killed millions. In a democratic country are draconian restrictions. The Italians were allowed to go out only for groceries and medication and only within their neighborhood. For disobedience is a fine or arrest. Police patrol the city. Practically stopped all business and even household activity. People sit at home, the streets of major cities were deserted, closed the restaurants and bars, canceled events, no tourists even in their crowded Venice.
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The Czech Republic became the first country to have completely closed borders. The restrictions on business activity are imposed in other countries. France stopped the work of educational institutions. Germany is preparing to close the entrance to foreigners. Ukraine already did, and President Zelensky urged Ukrainians within three days to return home. Once emptied, the most crowded airports in Europe, the streets deserted. Strange… In the world, thousands of viruses, just to impress numerous terrible diseases. But panic is only COVID-2019. Can it be explained only by the novelty and the exploration of the problem?
When compared with the pandemic of “swine flu” when the infection broke in 214 countries (COVID-19 penetrated in 114 countries) and in the first year died about 18 thousand people, restrictions seem excessive. After all, they will inevitably lead to severe and perhaps unforeseen consequences for the economy and the social sphere. In 2009, who long declared the situation a pandemic. All this suggests that in the higher echelons of power know something we are not told. And these “masters of the world”, apparently, does not overestimate the danger. The danger that suddenly crept even to the powers that be. Infected, as it turned out, shook hands with the Tramp, who is still on the people who keep his composure. But, first, there are information scientists and doctors, which suggests that the virus gives you complications, even in successfully treated patients.

Secondly, more and more allusions to the artificial origin of the virus and source of infection.

That COVID-2019, which is currently rapidly spreading around the world, in Wuhan city of Hubei province was brought to us military, wrote foreign Ministry spokesman of China, Zhao Lijiang. So he responded to demands from the USA to China apologized for the inconvenience caused to the world. But Zhao pointed to the fact — the statement of the head of the American Center for the prevention and control of diseases (CDC) Robert Redfield. The American expert said that there were cases in the United States where coronavirus was eventually detected in patients who allegedly died of influenza. “The CDC is caught at the crime scene. When was the first patient recorded in the US? How many people are infected? Which hospitals? ”, – the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry asked in questions on his Twitter. The diplomat called on Washington to be open, to disclose the data available to the American authorities, and provide explanations. And these data may indicate that coronavirus was present in the United States even before the massive outbreak in China.

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Besides, it is very “convenient” time and place chose this strange virus, dreadful to trump and his colleagues in Europe. The infection went out just ahead of the New year according to the Lunar calendar when almost all of China sits in planes and trains and traveling. After the conclusion of the bargain, the US-China and on the eve of the second phase. Wuhan is the capital of the industrialized and populated province of Hubei, Central China. In this city, there is a joint Sino-French laboratory for the study of viruses. She just pointed to some conspiracy theorists, politicians and even experts, as a possible source of the leak infection. Very comfortable, something reminiscent of the infamous English of Salisbury, with its “biological center”. It is characteristic that among the conspiracy theorists was the head of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov, who with knowledge of the matter said that the leak of the coronavirus came from closed lab F-4 in Wuhan. Where the national security Council, where China is? Of course, in China, the speculation is categorically rejected.

The Chinese foreign Ministry — the world’s only foreign office that gives briefings to journalists on a daily basis. Accordingly, there are several official representatives. Perhaps the performance of one of them — Zhao Lijiang airport was somewhat emotional. Chinese, after all, quite emotional, especially when it comes to the interests of the country. Besides, he was talking about the version with our military, not at the briefing and in the social network, on the personal page, in response to American cynical accusations. Later his colleague Geng Shuang is also the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry officially confirmed the version of Zhao. And not confirm. While there is no clear evidence. However, this version did not rule out a former member of the UN Commission on biological weapons Igor Nikulin, who believes that if “this was a diversion, then more external than internal. And who could do such a thing — it is an open secret”.
“It is a realistic version of the appearance of coronavirus, which explains a lot, writes in his account in Facebook Deputy of the State Duma and the leader of the party “Rodina” Alexey Zhuravlev. But, of course, Americans are not recognized, once again tucking the ends of truth in the murky waters of conspiracy theories”.No hints are not contained in the article of foreign Minister and State Councilor Wang Yi, published 13 March in the Russian language in the newspaper “Trud” under the heading “restraint of coronavirus — another step in building a community of common destiny of mankind”. Van And calls coronavirus common disaster all over the world and encourages to fight it jointly. “We, the followers of the concept of a community of common destiny of mankind. And we will work together to respond to non-traditional security challenges. We live in an era when traditional and non-traditional security problems are closely intertwined, which poses an increasingly serious challenge to human society, including dangerous infectious diseases. China is ready to actively implement the new concept of universal, integrated, cooperation-based, sustainable security, strive for dialogue and contacts in the non-traditional security field, deepen understanding and mutual trust between all parties, contribute to the process of international cooperation to counter non-traditional security threats, and inexorably gain experience for the construction of a community of the common fate of humanity.

… China sees the joint fight against the epidemic as a unique chance to strengthen international coordination and cooperation in the interests of protecting our planet as a “common home” and “world village”, where together we share sorrow and joy. ”This includes globalization, which the USA started, and from which they are now trying in every way to isolate themselves, but, as we see, it does not work out in full measure.
The question is whether China will be heard in the United States, whether these, in fact, non-trivial ideas will be adequately understood. Will Beijing be magnanimous? Or will they continue to follow only narrow national interests, using sometimes very dirty methods? We will see. In the meantime, China sent a special squad of doctors with equipment and special equipment to Italy to help combat COVID-2019. Similar units are being prepared to help other countries if they ask for it.

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