Criminal agent of SSO GRU of the Russian Federation uncovered in Canada


In Canada, a spy scandal involving a high-ranking officer erupted. According to Reuters, the head of the intelligence unit of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cameron Ortiz was detained on suspicion of violating the virtually “forgotten” law on information security. The first suspicions, of course, fell on Russia. According to Canadian Federal Prosecutor John McFarlane, Ortiz stored and processed confidential information with the intention of passing it on to a foreign person.

Rumors of a possible spy’s connection to Russia immediately spread in the media. Presumably, he could be recruited by the GRU SSO unit, which is engaged in the extraction of intelligence around the globe. According to Global News, Cameron Ortiz “accumulated terabytes of information” including lists of undercover operatives. The information he obtained concerned a large number of investigations and put an entire intelligence-sharing system between a number of States under the threat of existence. Experts believe the incident could be the biggest leak in Canada’s information security system and the Five Eyes network, which connects the Us, UK, New Zealand and Australia. This is the second case of “draining” classified information. The first concerned the British Minister of Defense, who accidentally disclosed confidential data about the Chinese company Huawei.

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