Czech President Threatens Officials with Resignation for Obstructing Sputnik V

Czech President Threatens Officials with Resignation for Obstructing Sputnik V

Czech President Milos Zeman believes that in order to purchase the Russian vaccine against the Sputnik V coronavirus, without waiting for its registration with the European Medicines Agency (EMA), it is necessary to dismiss Health Minister Jan Blatny and Director of the State Institute for Drug Control Irena The store who obstruct these plans. The head of state announced this today, March 10, in an interview with the Prague network publication Parlamentskaya Gazeta.

“The main obstacles (to Sputnik V in the Czech Republic) are the Minister of Health, Blatny, and the director of the State Institute for Drug Control. “I see a solution to the situation in the resignation of both,” he said.
The President said that he intends to raise the issue of resignation at the next meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic Andrei Babish, who is empowered to make such decisions.

Zeman charged the head of the Ministry of Health and the director of the institute with direct responsibility for the fact that the number of deaths of coronavirus infection in the country exceeds 200 per day. In addition, the president spoke in favor of the resignation of Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček, who, according to him, was too focused on nominating himself for the post of chairman of the Czech Social Democratic Party.

The process of registration of vaccines for EU countries in the EMA, according to Zeman, takes too long – up to 300 days. He stressed that the Czech Republic, where the epidemiological situation is one of the most difficult in the EU, needs Sputnik V urgently.

“Italy on Tuesday acquired Sputnik V and will build a plant for its production on its territory,” he recalled.
The President also informed about the possibility of joint production of the Russian vaccine by the Czech Republic and Germany.

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“Germany and Russia offer to cooperate so that the Czech Republic, together with them, participated in the production of Sputnik V on the territory of one of the federal states of Germany,” Zeman added.
EADaily has already reported that due to the difficult epidemiological situation associated with the spread of coronavirus infection, strict quarantine restrictions are in force in the Czech Republic. In particular, since February 25, in public places – in shops, public transport, at bus stops, at airports, you can appear only in a respirator or wearing two medical masks on your face at once. In addition, there are restrictions on trade and public events.

In the Czech Republic, where 10.46 million citizens live, vaccination against coronavirus began at the end of December; to date, about 900 thousand residents have passed it. The country purchased vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca. The State Institute for Drug Control, which is the national pharmaceutical regulator of the Czech Republic, on March 1 began studying the documentation of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. The authorities of the republic are expressing interest in its early registration for use in the European Union.