Czech Republic suspected of appropriating masks sent by China to Italy

Czech Republic suspected of appropriating masks sent by China to Italy

In the framework of the “fight against speculators” authorities seized a consignment of masks, but photos from the scene visible boxes with the flags of China and Italy and reading, “Forward, Italy! We are with you”.
The Czech Republic is suspected of misappropriation of 110 thousand masks and respirators, transferred to China in Italy’s support in the fight against COVID-19. It is reported by La Repubblica on Monday, March 23.

The Czech authorities are now investigating the case, which was initially reported by a member of the Czech Pirate party Leo Cervinka. According to Cervinka, on Tuesday Czech authorities said that has made great strides in the fight against speculators who earn on the cost of masks and other medical supplies. Then Czech police allegedly arrested a large consignment of illegal cargo.

Then there were photos and videos showing the box in police trucks with flags of Italy and China and inscriptions in Italian, English, and Chinese: “Forward, Italy! We are with you”.

Three days later, after publicity in the media, the Czech authorities have started an investigation and immediately decided to send to Italy the same number of masks, which were seized (110 thousand).

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It is also noted that the company responsible for the transport of Chinese aid to Italy, decided, in agreement with the Beijing and Rome to ensure the arrival in Italy of the second shipment of Chinese aid.

Earlier, China gave France a million protective masks. In France, the coronavirus at the moment has infected more than 16 thousand people.

It was also reported that the Czech Republic will print the masks on a 3D printer. Experts finalize the layout of the respirator that will fit snugly to the face and it can be used reusable. The production of such protective equipment will be cheaper than making them in factories.

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