Daily mortality from coronavirus in Italy decreased

Daily mortality from coronavirus in Italy decreased

The number of deaths due to infection with the Chinese COVID-19 virus in Italy has decreased significantly. This was stated by the chairman of the civil defense of Italy, Angelo Borrelli. A statement was made on March 22 at a briefing.

Borrelli notes that on March 20, the number of deaths from coronavirus was almost 800 people. However, statistics showed that mortality per day decreased by almost 150 people. On March 21, about 650 infected died from a Chinese COVID-19 infection. That is, the number of deaths decreased by 18 percent.

Borrelli expresses the hope that from now on this will happen every day and the state will stop the mass graves of those killed as a result of the outbreak of the virus.

At this point in time, Italy ranks second in the prevalence of coronavirus and the number of infected and dead. Now in the Italian state, there are about 60 thousand infected. About 5.5 thousand people died, and more than 7 thousand recovered from the disease.

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