Danish journalist names Russian superweapons in Arctic

By | July 30, 2020
Danish journalist names Russian superweapons in Arctic

Emil Rottbell, a journalist for the Danish newspaper Berlingske, described Russian weapons, which are defenseless against the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance in the Arctic, in particular, the Thule and Greenland airbase,
According to the author of the article, NATO forces as a whole are “absolutely defenseless” against the Dagger missile systems.
He noted the speed and accuracy of the Dagger hit. The Danish journalist drew attention to the range of the missile system, which is at least a thousand kilometers.
According to Rottbel, the new Russian weapons are changing the balance of power in the region.
The article also quotes Danish lieutenant captain Anders Puk Nielsen. According to him, the United States needs to find an answer to the Russian “Daggers” because the radars at the U.S. airbase of Thule are “absolutely defenseless”.
Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that a blogger from China named the main weapon of the Russian Navy.