Deadly virus from China is coming around the world. There is no cure | TOP-NEWS
Deadly virus from China is coming around the world. There is no cure

Deadly virus from China is coming around the world. There is no cure

A new coronavirus that affects the airways and causes atypical pneumonia can be transmitted from person to person.
In China, an outbreak of an unknown coronavirus, which can be transmitted from person to person by airborne droplets and cause pneumonia, occurred late last year.

Nine people have died from the new virus, dubbed 2019-nCoV, by this day. Today, U.S. authorities reported the first case of the American.

The situation is complicated by the approaching Lunar New Year, when the people of China will begin to travel a lot, both in the country and abroad.
WHO convenes crisis meeting
In December 2019, an outbreak of pneumonia with an unknown pathogen was recorded in the multimillion-dollar Chinese city of Wuhan. On 31 December, Chinese authorities reported 44 patients, 11 of whom were in serious condition.

Since then, more than 440 cases have been identified, but most of the viral pneumonia is relatively mild. According to the Chinese authorities, almost 2.2 thousand people who came into contact with infected people are in quarantine.
Virus in China! Closing cities, canceling events
The first cases are reported from Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States. Airports around the world have stepped up controls on flights arriving from China.

The World Health Organization believes that there will be new cases in other countries and on January 22 will gather a crisis meeting at which decisions will be taken on the possible introduction of an emergency in connection with the epidemic.

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Scientists have found that the new coronavirus is a type of SARS virus (severe acute respiratory syndrome or atypical pneumonia), which also manifested itself in China and in 2002-2003 affected more than eight thousand people in 37 countries. Then 774 people died.

Coronavirus is a relative of prototypical pneumonia and acute respiratory syndrome. They came to the man from animals, presumably from bats.

There are already six human-pathogenic species in this family: four of them cause a common cold, and two lead to the development of viral pneumonia, as well as 2019-Nov.

It is believed that the hotbed of its distribution was the seafood market in Wuhan, where live animals are also sold – most of the first hospitalized patients were somehow connected to the market.

In early January, Chinese scientists published a full 2019-nCoV genome in the GenBank database to help doctors around the world detect the disease.
New virus from China recorded in South Korea
However, scientists have not identified the species of animals on the market that are carriers of this virus. The mystery is also when it appeared, and how many people actually became infected with it.

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Symptoms of the virus are common for colds: high fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

There is no special treatment that would be directed specifically at coronavirus. Therefore, patients can receive only symptomatic and supportive therapy. Mortality in stereotypical pneumonia is 9.6 percent.

The main recommendations for protection against the new coronavirus look like this:

In the grocery market, try not to touch animals and animal products, and not to contact stray animals, garbage and liquids.
Wash your hands regularly, especially after contact with potentially dangerous objects.
Cook the meat and eggs at a high enough temperature.
Stay away from people who cough and sneeze.
Chinese authorities warn that the new virus can spread rapidly among people on the eve of the Chinese New Year when hundreds of millions of tourists come to China, and the Chinese themselves go to relatives on vacation.
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“During the Lunar New Year, the increase in population mobility will objectively increase the risk of the spread of the epidemic and complicate the implementation of preventive measures,” warned Li Binh, deputy head of the State Committee on Hygiene and Health.

He noted that the mutation of the virus can also lead to a further increase in risks.

Wuhan, where the epidemic began, is one of China’s main transportation hubs. More than a week ago, local authorities installed scanners at airports as well as at railway and bus stations to measure the temperature of passengers.

Authorities say that the scanners will also pass all those who leave the city. People with high temperatures are given safety masks and then sent to hospitals and clinics.

On Asian exchanges due to the situation with coronavirus, there was a collapse. Bond and yen rates rose. The world stock markets also declined. Global oil prices are falling.

Investors fear severe economic consequences similar to those that occurred in the early zeros due to the SARS epidemic.

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