U.S. missile defense cannot intercept Avangard missiles

By | October 10, 2020
U.S. missile defense cannot intercept Avangard missiles

The U.S. missile defense will not be able to intercept the Avangard missiles because the unit is repelled from dense layers of the atmosphere and is capable of maneuvering,” said Yuri Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia. He assumed that in the future some countries would create countermeasures to Avangard using laser technologies and electromagnetic pulses, but all this is still more from the field of theory than practice.
Russia’s incorporation of hypersonic planning cruise warheads into the Vanguard missile systems negates all U.S. efforts to improve its missile defense,” Yuri Borisov, deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation, said in an interview with Sergei Brilyov at Russia-1.

According to him, Avangard is currently invulnerable to any state’s BMD system because the unit is repelled from dense layers of the atmosphere and is capable of maneuvering using special technologies, TASS reports.

“When it changes its trajectory, it is impossible to predict where it will be in the next moment of time where to direct the missile. That’s why [“Avangard”] devalues all the efforts that America spends first of all on missile defense,” the Deputy Prime Minister detailed.

He admitted that in the future other countries will create countermeasures to Avangard using laser technology and electromagnetic pulses, but all this is still more from the field of theory than practice.

“Vanguard is capable of flying in the atmosphere, making it difficult to detect with modern ground-based missile warning systems. Effective work against Vanguard by existing Zaatmospheric interceptor missiles in the world’s armed forces is also ruled out, Voennoe Obozrenie reports.

Three days ago, at a meeting in the Kremlin with nuclear industry workers, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the uniqueness of the planned Vanguard block.

“I’ve already said it many times: the Eskimo effect flies and melts because the temperature there is about two thousand degrees below zero, a little less than in the sun, but it holds the right material at the right time and the signal to control is passing. Of course, it is impossible to create anything like this without modern materials, one of the most important components. In plasma, almost a product flies,” – explained the head of state.

He called this sphere “the most important direction” of atomic scientists’ work.

In the middle of this month, Putin in videoconference mode congratulated on Gunsmith’s Day the creator of the block for “Avangard” – an outstanding designer of rocket and space technology, adviser on the science of MIC “NPO Mashinostroyenia” Herbert Efremov.

The head of the state called putting the Avangard on combat duty a huge event in the life of Russia; it happened last December.

The “Vanguard” with a maneuvering hypersonic unit moving at a speed 27 times higher than the speed of sound, changing the direction in height, and horizontally takes a special place. “Vanguard” is not just a new system, it is a new type of strategic weapon”, – said the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

“Vanguard” is a serious threat to the U.S. defense system because of not only the speed but also the ability to “maneuver” in the atmosphere, confirmed the military expert Peter Suchiu in an article for The National Interest magazine.

A missile can fly at twenty-seven times the speed of sound, and its ability to maneuver probably makes it almost impossible to predict a flight path.

This provides the ICBM with the ability to bypass missile defense and other ballistic missiles that attempt to interfere with Avangard’s movement.
U.S. missile defense cannot intercept Avangard missiles
“The u.s. has virtually no chance to confront the vanguard, since, in the event of large-scale hostilities, Russia will attack a potential adversary with all available weapons,” said major-general Vladimir Popov, Russian honored military pilot, and candidate of technical sciences.

According to the military, the U.S. defense complexes will not be able to identify all targets.

“Among the attacking targets will be fake missiles without charges. They will also cause turmoil and radio-electronic interferences created by the REB facilities. Of the many missiles fired, some will still reach their targets,” Popov added.

Analytical material from China’s Sina portal also stated that Avangard was capable of flying at about 25,000 km/h.

“Vanguard” is able to fly to Washington in 15 minutes. During this time, the Americans will not even have time to drink a cup of coffee and certainly not be able to fight back the Russian rocket”, – explained the experts.

“The Vanguard is even more frightening weapon than a nuclear bomb,” the experts stressed in a Chinese article.