Demand for virtual babysitter has grown in America

Demand for virtual babysitter has grown in America

Before the pandemic, baby sitters spent several hours with the child, and now they can be hired for a short period of time to clean, work, or take a shower.
In the US, the demand for virtual baby sitters has increased dramatically, which has prompted existing companies to start training their employees in techniques that help keep children’s attention through the screen. This is reported by the Washington Post.

The American service Babysitting Company was one of the first to notice the growing need for virtual assistance in child care.

The company announced that a 45-minute video chat with a nanny will cost parents $ 36.

“If I had been told that we were going to do this, I would never have believed it. This is a profession that is based on personal contact” ” said Rachel Charlupsky, the founder of the Babysitting Company.

She also said that it is more difficult to work with children through a computer, so the service had to retrain its employees.

Now each baby sitter of the company makes a video session plan in advance based on the age and interests of the child. The nanny suggests that the child together do drawing, singing, meditation, build LEGO, Or dance. Children often have their own ideas.

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” For example, one child spent 45 minutes bringing toy food to the camera and pretending to feed his nanny, ” says Charlupski.

The Director of the company is confident that the demand for virtual nanny services in the United States will grow even more, since the school year, even if virtual, ends in a month.

Earlier, the police of the state of Florida, USA, detained 27-year-old nanny Nicole Walter, who is accused of sexual abuse of children.

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