Democrats investigate Trump’s dismissal of Inspector General

By | May 17, 2020
Democrats investigate Trump's dismissal of Inspector General

The speaker of the house Pelosi admitted that the dismissal could be illegal

Democratic lawmakers begin an investigation into the dismissal of the President of the Donald trump of the Inspector General of the Department of state Steve LINIK.

Trump fired LINIK on Friday evening. According to some reports, with such request to the President asked the Secretary of state Mike Pompeo after the inspector general began investigating the alleged involvement of a state Department official to run personal errands Pompeo and his wife Susan. The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi, speaking in the program “face the nation” on CBS, said that the dismissal LINIK was “unseemly” decision. According to her, we are talking about elimination of a person who is in charge of “ending waste, fraud, abuse, and other violations.”

“So, what do we see again,’ said Pelosi. – The President has the right to dismiss any Federal employee. But the fact is that if it looks like a revenge for the fact that the General inspector, it could be illegal.”Two lawmakers-a Democrat, Senator Bob Menendez, and Congressman Eliot Engel, in a joint letter to the White House, noted that “reports indicate that the Secretary of state Pompeo personally recommended firing LINIK”.

“We understand that he went for it due to the fact that the inspector general opened an investigation against the Secretary of state Pompeo,” write the legislators.

“Such action may be illegal retaliation,” said Menendez, a senior Democrat in the Senate Committee on foreign relations, and Engel – the Chairman of a similar Committee of the house of representatives.

Influential Republicans defended Trump.

Presidential adviser Peter Navarro, speaking to channel ABC, stated that he supports any personnel decisions of the President.

“Many people in the bureaucracy think that they have elected President, but it’s not Donald Trump, said, Navarro. – In addition, we have a huge problem with what some call the “deep state”. So I don’t mourn the loss.”

Republican Senator Ron Johnson told CNN that, in his opinion, “not all inspectors General created equal,” and noted that they “work in the service of the President.”

Menendez and Engel asked the White House to hand over all documents relating to the dismissal of LINIK in their committees.

LINIK was appointed by the Inspector General under the administration of Barack Obama Democrat, which trump has often been criticized.

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