Dentist removes record-long tooth for patient

The doctor collected the necessary documents for almost a year to record the record in the Guinness Book.
In the German city of Offenbach, a dentist has performed tooth extraction of record length. This is reported by the information portal UPI.

The dentist Max Lucas was approached by a patient complaining of an acute toothache. After examining the tooth, the doctor found that it was abnormal length.

When the tooth was removed it turned out to be 3.7 centimeters long, which is a world record.
Dentist removes record-long tooth for patient
It is reported that the incident took place in 2018, and all the while Lucas collected the necessary documents to register the record in the Guinness Book of Records
The day before, the dentist received the relevant certificate. The German says that he will allocate a special place for the certificate in his office.

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