Depardieu’s agent commented on the reopening of the rape case

Depardieu's agent commented on the reopening of the rape case

French actor Gerard Depardieu has completely denied the charges of rape and harassment brought against him, no new details have emerged in the case, the actor’s agent Arnaud Frillet told the media.
On Tuesday, French media reported that Depardieu was charged with rape and sexual harassment on December 16. The plaintiff in the case is a young actress who accuses Depardieu of harassment and rape in the summer of 2018. The investigation was terminated in June 2019, at which time authorities found no corpus delicti. Last October, it was reported that a forensic investigator had reopened the case.
“Of course, he completely denies (the charges). That was two years ago, and it (the case) is being reopened now… What was announced in the media is a continuation of the old story. The filing of charges does not cancel the principle of the presumption of innocence. The initiation of this procedure is completely indefensible in a case that was previously closed by the investigation and in which no new details have emerged,” Frilled said.
“This is very sad and overshadows the lives of artists whose name and fame they are trying to cash in on for their fame and benefit. Show business. Depardieu has never had the image of a catcher or a ladies’ man,” he stressed.