Developed by AI to identify talented footballers

By | June 21, 2020
Developed by AI to identify talented footballers

In the future, much will be determined by artificial intelligence. This is a pretty hackneyed phrase that is used by everyone who is not lazy. However, there is a reflection of the truth in it – AI can be used for a variety of work, where deep analytics is required. In particular, AI can be used in sports. Of course, he will not set sports records, but it is in his power to find people who can do this with a greater degree of probability.

Already, the staff of Loughborough University has developed algorithms that can determine how wealthy one or another football player will be. Such a technique brought to perfection, will be able to help football clubs “discern” talents in time and hire exactly those players who can play efficiently, bringing fame and money to the team. The work of the new AI is based on a thorough analysis of the player’s behavior on the field. To do this, we study a lot of details that are not obvious at first glance.

It should be understood that attempts to conduct such an analysis have been undertaken earlier. However, due to the fact that people were engaged in this, the results of such an analysis were inaccurate and contradictory. The fact is that people can, unlike machines, evaluate the professional qualities of players biased. If AI does this kind of work, then the chance of error tends to zero. Researchers have applied a hybrid method, where the analysis uses the capabilities of people and machines.

To obtain the most accurate results, such moments as the positions of body parts and limbs during the game, monitoring the actions of players to assess their effectiveness and using at least two cameras to get a more accurate idea of ​​what a particular player did match time. The developers claim that this technology can be successfully adapted for other sports.

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The scientific group of the university believes that the technique can be used both to assess the viability of individual players and their team interaction. This AI technology will be a real find for coaches and recruiters, it can lead to revolutionary changes in sports, opening up new names.

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