Diplomats: EU countries agreed on new sanctions against Belarus

By | November 19, 2020
Diplomats: EU countries agreed on new sanctions against Belarus

Reportedly, the new package may be ready within a few weeks.

EU foreign ministers during a video conference on Thursday agreed on a new round of sanctions against Belarus, which may be ready within a few weeks, two European diplomats told Reuters.

According to sources, the new sanctions are likely to affect not only senior officials but also organizations providing funding to President Alexander Lukashenko, who is accused of election fraud by the Belarusian opposition and Western countries.

The agreement on the new package of sanctions was also announced on Twitter by Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe journalist Rikard Jozviak. “EU foreign ministers have just agreed to advance work on the third package of sanctions against Belarus. It is likely to be ready by the end of November – beginning of December,” he wrote.

The European Union introduced the first package of visa and financial sanctions in relation to 40 Belarusian officials on October 2 and then supplemented the sanctions lists.

As a high-ranking source in the EU noted, there have been no “fundamental changes” since the last sanctions were introduced.

Before the meeting with his colleagues, German Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas said: “The Belarusian authorities are obviously not ready for a dialogue with the opposition”.

“We have not yet seen a constructive reaction from Minsk, so we will discuss ways to increase pressure,” he added. – And we can certainly increase the pressure by focusing on influential close associates of Lukashenko”.