Disaster in Kazakhstan. Plane rammed the building


The Bek Air passenger plane crashed on the morning of December 27 while departing from Alma-Ata airport in Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan was shaken by a powerful plane crash. In Almaty, a Bek Air Fokker-100 crashed while departing from the airport. The liner lost altitude and crashed into a two-story building in the residential sector.

According to the latest data, 12 people were killed and 49 others were hospitalized.

TOP-NEWS has collected all the details of the accident.


The Fokker-100 was en route from Alma-Ata to Nur Sultan. Immediately after take-off, the liner lost altitude, broke through a concrete fence and collided with a two-story structure. On departure, the plane twice touched the tail of the runway. The accident occurred in the residential area. The plane crashed into an empty building under construction. There was no explosion or fire.

The preliminary causes of the crash are considered a pilot error and technical malfunction. All flights of this type of airliner in the country have been temporarily suspended. Bek Air has also been suspended.
Disaster in Kazakhstan. Plane rammed the building

There were 93 passengers on board (initially 95 were reported) and five crew members, including two Ukrainian citizens.

At the moment we know about 12 dead. Another 53 people were hospitalized with injuries, 10 of them in extremely serious condition. Nine children were among the injured. The Ukrainians were not injured.

“Get all on the plane, he began to gain altitude. Then the pitching began: the left-wing first, then the right-wing. Then the plane began to shake and rock, but at the same time, it continued to gain altitude. Then he was shaken feverishly, (he began to fall) down the head – and hit the ground or the building. At this point in front, up to 14 rows… The roof squeezed people. At the same time, there were no voice signals or instructions on the plane,” recalls one of the passengers Aslan Nazaraliyev.
Disaster in Kazakhstan. Plane rammed the building
According to him, people helped to get out of each other, there were a lot of shouting and crying, Nazarliev himself was not injured.

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“Broken legs, arms, blood. Everyone ran away, in my opinion, just in shock, because it is difficult to be there, people are all in the blood … We called 911 when it happened. Then to the airport; there did not even know that it all happened. At first, two security companies arrived from the airport. Then firefighters, only then an ambulance. We have been waiting for an ambulance for a long time,” passenger Gulnara Koshenova describes the consequences of the accident.

Among the dead were Rustem Kaidarov, chairman of the Council of Generals of Kazakhstan, Dana Kruglov, the editor of the Informburo.kz, and The captain of the plane Marat Muratabayev.

President Kasim-Yomart Tokayev expressed condolences to the families of those killed in the plane crash and declared December 28 a day of national mourning in Kazakhstan.


Fokker aircraft were produced by the Dutch company of the same name. Production of the Fokker-100 was discontinued in 1997 after the company went bankrupt. It’s a medium-haul passenger plane. The largest production aircraft of a Dutch company.

Low operating costs and a practical lack of competition in this class made it one of the most sought-after aircraft in the late 1980s, until the introduction of the improved Bombardier CRJ200 and Embraer ERJ 145.

A total of 283 Fokker 100 aircraft were produced.

As of December 27, 2019, a total of 16 Fokker 100 aircraft were lost as a result of crashes and serious accidents.

Fokker 100 tried to hijack twice, and no one died. A total of 183 people were killed in these incidents

In 2016, the Fokker 100 aircraft already had problems in Kazakhstan. He crash-landed with an unreleased front landing gear.