Disaster in Sheremetyevo: What will happen with compensation

May 10 relatives of those killed in a plane crash in Sheremetyevo began to pay the first compensation. At the moment, payments were made to the families of 17 dead passengers — such data were announced during the meeting of the operational headquarters for assistance to the families of the victims and the victims, which was held on Friday by the head of the Murmansk region Andrei Chibis. At the meeting, it was noted that 20 people have applied for payments from insurance companies. The pension Fund assigned pensions for the loss of a breadwinner to 12 citizens.

Earlier, on Thursday, the head of the Ministry of labor Maxim Topilin said that compensation to the victims during the hard landing of the aircraft in Sheremetyevo is paid from May 8.

Recall: as a result of a fire in the Sukhoi Superjet 100 plane, which occurred on May 5, 2019 during the landing of the aircraft at Sheremetyevo airport, 41 people were killed. Among the — passengers and flight attendants, pilots “Superjet” survived and are now in the hospital.

The ill-fated flight followed from Moscow to Murmansk, but after takeoff gave an emergency signal, and then began to land. The plane caught fire. Passengers were evacuated in a matter of seconds, but this time was enough to kill 41 people. Among the dead, according to the Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova, was a child. Such tragedies are always a nightmare for the relatives and friends of the dead. Just yesterday, the people they loved were alive, making plans, and today they are not — life was cut short as a result of a tragic accident. And three times worse, if this accident is caused by someone’s mistake or incompetence.

Airlines have long insured the lives of passengers, relatives of people killed in plane crashes pay compensation. But not always these payments meet the relatives of dead people in size, and insurance companies and trucking companies are literally fighting for every thousand rubles, not wanting to pay too large in their opinion, the money to the families of the victims.

Unfortunately, in Russia, the level of compensation to relatives of victims of plane crashes is still incomparable with other countries, where the amount of payments amounts to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

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The Chairman of the bar Of Moscow “LORUS” lawyer Denis Chernykh told The “Free press” who should pay compensation to the relatives of the victims and what the families of the people who died at Sheremetyevo airport can claim.

“SP”: — Who and to what extent should pay compensation to the relatives of those killed in air accidents or to the victims themselves, if they survived?

— Issues of liability of the air carrier are regulated by civil legislation and special rules of the Air Code of the Russian Federation (GCS of the Russian Federation), as well as by-laws adopted in accordance with them. So, in the GCS of the Russian Federation stipulates compensation in the amount of RUB 2 million for the deceased in the crash and up to RUB 2 million other victims. The specified amounts can be increased if the size of the harm suffered in case of death of the supporter determined by the General rules of the civil legislation (taking into account the due share of earnings of the victim and other circumstances) exceeds them.

The air carrier is obliged to ensure its civil liability for damage to life and health, as well as the property of passengers, as provided by the Federal law of 14.06.2012 № 67-FZ.

Payments to victims are made both through the insurer and by the air carrier. It is obvious that the payments established by the GCS of the Russian Federation do not always cover the costs of victims for treatment and recovery, not to mention the decent provision of relatives who lost their breadwinner in the tragedy. Often, attempts to increase compensation rest on the dishonesty of insurance companies seeking to minimize their payments, and eventually lead citizens to court.

Here we can also note such a nuance as the inequality in payments for domestic and international flights. Passengers flying international flights are insured for much larger amounts, and their relatives in the event of a tragedy receive incomparably greater compensation than the relatives of the victims who died on domestic flights.

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“SP”: – How are payments made to relatives of victims of plane crashes?

— This process is to some extent controlled by the state. And this circumstance still guarantees a fairly prompt payment by insurance companies and air carriers of compensation to the victims and relatives of the victims. After all, such resonant plane crashes like the tragedy in Sheremetyevo acquire social and political significance. Meanwhile, it can be stated that the interests of companies are still put above the interests of citizens, which is confirmed by the small amount of compensation, which is only partially increased due to budget payments.

We are all well aware that this situation needs to be changed, we need to work with legislators to increase the amount of compensation and bring them to the level peculiar to European countries. concrete in a situation of the tragedy at Sheremetyevo who should pay compensation?

— About who will pay compensation, said the Minister of transport of Russia Yevgeny Dietrich. There will be three sources of payments — these are insurance companies (“AlfaStrakhovanie” and SOGAZ), this is the airline “Aeroflot” and the authorities of the regions whose residents were killed in the crash. Insurance companies will pay up to 2 million rubles.

The authorities of the Moscow region for 2 million rubles to relatives of the victims of the inhabitants of these regions and 1 million relatives of the victims and residents of other regions, the rest of the victims — 500 thousand rubles.

The authorities of Moscow and the Murmansk region — 1 million relatives of the dead residents of their regions and 500 thousand other victims. And I think that these amounts will be paid in a timely manner, because now the attention of the whole country, and its leadership including, is focused on the tragedy in Sheremetyevo.

On the website of the company “AlfaStrakhovanie” already posted instructions and a list of documents for the insurance payment.