Doctors explained the jump in deaths from coronavirus

The increase in the death toll was due to the deaths of the elderly and the “fundamentally ill patients”.
The increase in the number of deaths from coronavirus in China’s Wuhan is caused by the death of age-related and seriously ill patients. This was announced by the chief doctor of the local hospital Jinintang on Thursday, February 13, TASS reports.

“Jinintan Hospital” has long been accepting patients with pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, including light, medium, and seriously ill patients. Now we are taking only people in serious and critical condition for treatment, which has led to the fact that the absolute death tolls have increased slightly. This was mainly due to old people and fundamentally ill patients,” he said in response to a question about what caused the spike in recent deaths.

The day before, the WHO said that it could take up to a year and a half to develop a vaccine against coronavirus.

At the same time, four possible vaccines against COVID-2019 are already in development. The first human tests will begin in three to four months.

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