Doctors told about the benefits of breast milk in COVID-19

Doctors told about the benefits of breast milk in COVID-19

Researchers in China have discovered that breast milk can be the basis for the creation of a cure for COVID-19. Scientists analyzed coronavirus-infected cells and found that the proteins contained in breast milk can effectively suppress infection. However, Russian doctors were skeptical about this method of control of coronavirus. In their opinion, it should be investigated additionally, besides getting milk can be quite difficult. Chinese scientists have found that breast milk can be the basis for a cure for coronavirus infection. They published the study in the journal News Medical.

During the analysis of coronavirus-infected cells, which were previously weakened for laboratory studies by the analog COVID-19, experts realized that breast milk can effectively suppress infection.

It’s all about serum proteins, which worked well against closely related coronavirus infections detected in pangolins (this is a type of lizard). In addition, the protein extracted from goat’s milk was also effective. Boiling, destroying proteins, reduced the use of milk to zero. In addition, SARS-CoV-2 was not influenced by the immunoglobulin A and lactoferrin protein contained in cow’s milk.

The study could have a significant impact on the development of COVID-19 drugs in the future, Chinese scientists believe.

Russian doctors, however, were not so positive about the discovery of foreign colleagues. According to them, there is still too little research in this area.

“The fact is that milk contains a lot of antibodies, a lot of immunoglobulins and vitamins, fatty acids. But more research is needed on volunteers who will be willing to receive this treatment.

The question is whether the volunteers will want it and whether the patients will give their breast milk for such research.
Anastasia Dogadova
In addition, donor breast milk should be quarantined – a woman should be examined for hepatitis, for HIV,” explained Gazeta. Mammologist Anastasia Dogadova told Gazeta. Ru” that maternal immunoglobulins can actually prevent infection, including probable coronavirus. For example, IgA, which protects the mucous membranes, does not pass the placental barrier and is transmitted to the child through breastfeeding. However, this does not apply to adults.

At the same time, understanding how useful breast milk can be in treatment also depends on the effect of antibodies to related COVID-19 diseases on its course. “There are no accurate data yet. If this is the case, and if the mother has had these viruses in the past and has developed antibodies, then there is a possibility that breast milk may prevent infection. But more accurate research is needed. As for treatment, such a mechanism is actively used, but not breast milk, and transfusion of blood products that contain antibodies to coronavirus, – stressed Pohlner.

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It has previously been revealed that some people may be immune to a new type of coronavirus.
This was stated to Izvestia by the director of the St. Petersburg Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. Pasteur, immunologist Areg Totolyan.

He stressed that this conclusion had been made in a detailed examination of some medics who had been working in the “red zone” for several months. “They came into contact with hundreds of patients, and their antibodies were still undecided,” the expert said. As explained by “The Newspaper. Ru” M.D., immunologist Elena Churina, the absence of antibodies is not directly related to the presence of immunity to coronavirus, so on the basis of this indicator alone, it is not yet possible to declare congenital immunity.

“For example, it is already known that in the immune response to COVID-19 it is the cellular response, not the humoral response (anti-anti – “Gazette. Ru”) plays a key role. Also important is the importance of macrophages (cells capable of actively capturing and digesting bacteria – “Gazette. Who are the first to fight the virus at the level of congenital immunity, long before antibodies are formed,” the medic said.

Immunologist Olesya Ivanova explained to Gazeta. Ru” that these cells act as “special forces” – they protect the body from the initial introduction of the pathogen. ‘They don’t know at first whether it’s a good pathogen or a bad one, they just destroy it. And only then they take a fragment of infection and carry it to the lymph nodes, where antibodies are already being produced,” the doctor noted, adding that the absence of antibodies may indicate just a very strong primary immune system.

In addition, according to the immunologist Churina, the medical workers surveyed could realize the usual physiological immune response.
“It is possible, as in the case of many other respiratory viruses – the immunity “worked” and we did not notice. It is shown that the easier the disease, the lower the content of antibodies in the blood,” the expert stated.

Tatiana Shalina, a Ph.D. candidate and immunologist, agreed with her. “Most likely, such people have developed antibodies before, and they have already managed to come to zero”