Dodon: Transnistrians can choose the president of Moldova

By | September 11, 2020
Dodon: Transnistrians can choose the president of Moldova

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon reacted to appeals of some politicians not to open polling stations at the election of the head of state on November 1 for citizens living in the Transnistrian region. He recalled the criminal responsibility for attempts to prevent the free expression of will.

“In Transnistria, too, citizens of the Republic of Moldova. And when I see appeals to ban voting, to set up some roadblocks of combatants when some mayors from right parties refuse to open polling stations for the voting of Transnistrian residents, I want to warn that this is a criminal case when they create obstacles for free voting at elections”, – Dodon stated.
The Moldovan leader added that it is unacceptable when “respected opponents from the right political field treat Moldovan citizens who think differently than they do as enemies”.

Dodon promised that if he wins the elections, he will insist during the second presidential mandate on the transition to electronic voting in Moldovan elections in order to ensure the possibility of voting for all citizens of the country, regardless of where they are.

Action & Solidarity presidential candidate Maya Sandu is confident that the authorities are preparing to falsify the voting results and expect to use the so-called Transnistrian electoral resource. She said that Dodon “plans to spend two million euros” to bribe voters from the region. Her partner in the ACUM parliamentary bloc Andrei Nastase shares the same opinion.

Oppositionists are concerned about the possible mass “delivery of voters from Transnistria” to polling stations, so they insist that they do not open points traditionally attached to the left bank.

At the parliamentary elections held in Moldova in 2019, a phenomenon of voter activity from Transnistria was observed. According to the data of the Central Election Commission of Moldova, despite the fact that in the left-bank region there was no election campaigning, in constituencies 47 and 48 (so-called Transnistrian districts) 37 177 citizens came to the ballot boxes.

At the time, the Party of Socialists and the ACUM electoral bloc stated that people from Transnistria were transported by bus to polling stations centrally. The Democratic Party of Moldova was accused of “buying votes in its favor in collusion with the Transnistrian authorities.

The PDS and PPD believe that Dodon plans to apply the same scheme in these elections. Their fears were dispelled by another candidate, Our Party leader Renato Moustache. He said that he had received information from “reliable sources” – “because Dodon cheated, ditched the Sheriff (Transnistrian holding), Krasnoselsky (Vadim Krasnoselsky is the president of the DMR), they all sent him away, and said that they would not take his voters as they did for Plahotniuc (Vladimir Plahotniuc is the former leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova).

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