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Dollar is everything! US Central Bank threatens bankruptcy due to stupid Trump decisions

A country with one of the most stable economies in the world can suffer a financial collapse, like the period of “great depression”.

After the failure of the transaction Moscow with OPEC, the ruble literally punched the next floor, the price of gasoline rose sharply and the economy was in a crisis situation. But the US President was gloating — according to trump, he had never been so happy, the price of oil dropped incredibly, and can thus reduce gasoline prices.

The well-being of Americans has grown, but not for long — the worldwide epidemic of coronavirus equalize all, though in the most negative sense — the number of victims in the US reached almost 69 thousand, one thousand dead on March 26, reports “Interfax”.

Quarantine and isolation have become a vital measure safe. However, in the words of trump — the US has no means for keeping the country in a time of crisis, reports the BBC.

At the same time, the Federal reserve system (FRS), alternative Central Bank of the Russian Federation, extra underestimates the total bet, while so that U.S. private banks accept deposits “at a negative rate”. This means that by returning your contribution, the average American is not getting their dividends, and the Bank is still part of the money withdraws. This was announced by Colonel GRU in resignation Vladimir Kvachkov.

For this reason, US citizens leave their savings in banks, which, in turn, money on the currency market, to strengthen its own currency.

But the naivety and stupidity Trump, apparently, is boundless, and the President of the United States, according to some media reports, decided to release some new lots of cash, it’s doubtful that increased the inflation rate to a record 23 percent, according to experts.

The increase in the drop in production of corporations is expected to 60% I. the fed can declare bankruptcy.

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