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Donald Trump: No Nationwide Quarantine for Coronavirus Trump’s Virus Plan

The President of the United States Donald Trump is hoping that his country will get rid of the coronavirus to the middle of April, even though the statement of the Governor of New York that the disease is spreading faster than “high-speed train”.
While most countries impose different quarantine restrictions due to pandemic coronavirus, Donald Trump, on the contrary, the quarantine is going to turn. Although, for example, on March 24, the United States became the leader in the number of infections per day, was confirmed as 11 thousand cases of the coronavirus. For the last day of 40% of new infections recorded in the world occur in the United States.

Trump is criticizing opponents and the media, but what is the plan of the American President?

The position of the President
Currently in the United States was nearly 55 thousand cases of coronavirus and nearly 800 deaths. Almost half of all cases registered in the state of New York, the Governor who likened the spread of the virus with a high-speed train that goes across the country.
“New York- a Canary in a coal mine, the first in New York, what happens in New York happens with California and Illinois, it’s only a matter of time,” he said.
According to the Governor, the health care system in New York will soon reach a critical point, if the Federal U.S. Agency for emergency situations urgently not to send more medical equipment.
But Trump is calling Americans to work.

“We are going to open soon… I wish the country was open and just beginning to recover for Easter. Easter is a special day for me… and you fill in the churches across our country,” said Trump.
Easter according to the Western rite this year will be April 12.

Trump also warned that if the country will not be re-opened for business, it can suffer from “massive recession or depression.”

“You lose people. You will get thousands of suicides. Can happen anywhere, it will be instability,” he said of the consequences of prolonged crisis. According to trump, it is inconceivable that the treatment became worse than the problem itself. The President believes that the number of deaths as a result of a protracted economic crisis may be higher than the number of victims of the virus in the United States. According to trump, the death rate from mers is less than 1%, much lower than expected.

At a briefing in the White House, Trump insisted that “America is back and will soon be open for business. Very soon. Much sooner than after three or four months, as someone has suggested”.
“Our country was not built in order to be closed. It’s not the country that was built for this,” he said.

Support the economy
A few hours later after the statement trump, the Senate approved a White House plan to rescue the economy by $ 2 trillion dollars.
The package includes tax credits, loans, money for hospitals and help for business.
Most adults in the USA will pay a one-time 1,200 USD children – $ 500. The plan also includes a program for small businesses in the amount of 367 billion dollars, which allows paying workers, who are forced to stay home due to pandemic coronavirus. Reaction

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Some politicians, including a member of the house of representatives by Republican Liz Cheney, warned against easing restrictions.

“A normally functioning economy would be if our hospitals will be overloaded, and thousands of Americans of all ages, including doctors and nurses, will die due to the fact that we have not taken the necessary measures to stop the spread of the virus,” she said.

Politico notes that if trump seriously intends to abandon measures to restrain the coronavirus, he should start with himself. The White House should move to New York, which accounts for almost a third of infections in the United States. And the President’s family should get a job as cashiers and bus drivers. But none of them do, outraged by the publication. “Why, then, the President is willing to sacrifice other Americans?” — asks Politico.
Also in the United States to assume that trump can pursue personal goals – all of his hotels and Golf clubs have closed fully or partially due to the coronavirus, and they bring Trump about 500 thousand dollars a day.

Despite the controversial statements, the approval rating of the trump grew to 49%, reports CNBC, citing data from Gallup. The crisis is the time to score political points, the President is no exception, claims the channel. In early March, the ranking of trump was below 5%.
Improvement is partly due to the fact that the President almost every day is personally involved in the press briefings on the coronavirus. However, according to CNBC, Trump far, for example, to former President George W. Bush’s approval rating of his activities after the tragedy of 11 September soared to a record 90%.

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