Donald Trump took the moon from Putin and Russia

The US has once again confirmed its status as the largest violator of international law on the planet. At least, this is how political scientists evaluate trump’s decree on the commercial development of lunar resources. Why did us President just now make such a statement, when the United States will begin colonizing the earth’s satellite, and how should Russia react to what is happening?
On Monday, US President Donald Trump signed an Executive order on the commercial development of resources on the moon. “Outer space is a unique space for human activity from a legal and physical point of view, and the United States does not consider it as a public domain,” the text of the decree says.
The document, in particular, emphasizes that the United States does not recognize the Agreement on the activities of States on the moon and other celestial bodies, adopted by the UN General Assembly resolution in December 1979. “In this regard, the Secretary of state should resist any attempts by any other state or international organization to consider the Agreement on the activities of States on the moon and other celestial bodies as reflecting or otherwise expressing customary international law,” the document says.
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Such a decree by trump was expected to provoke criticism from Moscow. Thus, Roscosmos Deputy Director-General for international cooperation Sergey Savelyev said that attempts to aggressively expropriate outer space hardly set up countries for fruitful cooperation. “There have already been examples in history when one country decided to start seizing territories in its own interests – everyone remembers what happened,” Saveliev added.

In turn, the head of the International Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev noted that “while the whole world is fighting the coronavirus on Earth, Trump is trying to take over space with his decree.” According to the politician, the thesis of American “exclusivity” that was previously heard in the United States did not just turn heads, but clearly “shifted many brains in Washington”. At the same time, the Senator is sure that Russia will not remain silent, and trump’s decree will be followed by retaliatory actions. “We are not ossified, and we will definitely not remain silent. We have no right to bend. And our upbringing is different, we did not bend before,” the Senator said. Alexey Pushkov, the head of the Federation Council’s Commission on information policy, agrees with him. “The United States is the largest violator of international law on the planet. They are trying to create their own parallel law that allows them to do whatever they see fit. This is a continuation of the General philosophy of us ruling class, which trump expresses in the crudest form, ” Pushkov told the newspaper VZGLYAD.
But the Senator agrees that humanity will sooner or later begin commercial extraction of resources on the moon. “Russia should respond to this by developing such space technologies that will deprive the United States of the opportunity to be the only state that exploits the wealth of the moon. This is the only response to Hyper-egoism on the part of the United States, ” Pushkov stressed.

At the same time, journalist Maxim Kononenko did not see the trump decree as contradicting international law. And if we talk about the Agreement on the activities of States on the moon, it was not signed by any of the permanent members of the UN Security Council. “Therefore, there are no agreements that would prohibit commercial activities on the moon today. There is no revolution in trump’s Executive order. The Russian President can issue the same decree, ” Kononenko told TOP-NEWS newspaper.
“Of course, there are no companies that will go to the moon and start mining there. The head of the White House is simply encouraging the American population to somehow distract from the coronavirus pandemic.
Trump tells them: “But we will go to the moon to extract resources!» And the Americans answer him: “O-o-o, Yes!” – sneered Kononenko.

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However, the head of the Institute of space policy Ivan Moiseyev is sure that the Americans will definitely start mining resources on the moon, but not soon. “Most likely, this will happen in the second half of the century. Now they just spend budget money to attract commercial companies to develop equipment that is suitable for this purpose. The resources themselves do not pay off yet, ” Moiseyev told the Gazette VZGLYAD.
We should definitely go to the moon, the expert said. “But it is not done quickly, and trump’s statement alone is not enough. The fact is that the program for the development of the moon needs 150 billion dollars. At the same time, NASA receives $ 30 billion a year, and Roscosmos – $ 2 billion. Moreover, they receive this money not only for the “moon”, but also for the entire space program. Therefore, it is possible that the active development of the moon will begin after 2050, ” the source suggested.
At the same time, the expert considered the possible deployment of military bases on the moon useless. “Any rocket flies from the moon for three days, and a ballistic missile on Earth will reach the target in 45 minutes. Speed, in this case, is the key parameter, ” Moiseev concluded.

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