Donald Trump will punish Vladimir Putin for bombing in Syria

Trump should punish Putin for Assad’s bombing of civilians in Idlib province. Together with Iran and Bashar al Assad’s forces, Russia is destroying Idlib province in Western Syria. For its ferocious desire to inflict maximum pain on the civilian population, Russia deserves the introduction of new American sanctions, as well as European Union sanctions.

Because Russia’s intentions are clear. As I have already stressed on May 2, as a result of its air raids, Russia has completely destroyed or seriously damaged dozens of hospitals in the last two months. Such attacks continue, and a particularly brutal attack was launched at the end of last week. However, these raids are not tragic accidents during the war. On the contrary, we are talking about Russia’s deliberate actions aimed at breaking the determination of the rebel groups in Idlib in their fight against Assad’s forces. Vladimir Putin intends to make civilians suffer so much that the forces opposing Assad decided to lay down their arms. This is a serious war crime with a frankly vicious motivation. Although Ben Rhodes (Ben Rhodes, former foreign policy adviser to President Obama — approx. edition of the New York Times) didn’t understand that such actions are a constant strategic choice for Russian foreign policy.

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So what should be done? Based on the fact that Putin’s greatest desire is to weaken the current our sanctions, the United States should double them against Russia. Trump should issue a warning: if Russia does not immediately stop destroying civilian infrastructure, the United States will call on the European Union to agree to introduce new sanctions against the most valuable Russian exporter — its energy complex. This will force Putin to change his course in Syria, otherwise, he will face a new serious blow to his economy. Such a demand by the United States will force the EU either to act in obvious moral interests or to demonstrate a shameful divergence in essence between the rhetoric used and the real actions.
In any case, the United States must realize how important it is morally to stop what is happening in Idlib. Turkey promised to prevent the carnage but was unable to do so, since President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the new Putin’s assistant. We have to do it ourselves.

We must call on the Russians to stop their actions or punish them if they ignore our demand.

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