Donald Trump's press conference on coronavirus ended in scandal

Donald Trump’s press conference on coronavirus ended in scandal

After a long hiatus, a press conference at the White House on the situation with coronavirus in America over the scandal — after the altercation with journalists the President of the United States Donald trump is suddenly interrupted the event.
A press briefing was held in the Rose garden in front of the White house in compliance with all safety rules and social distancing: present correspondents were wearing masks, were at a considerable distance from each other and for questions to the President of the United States used a non-contact microphone.

However, the question of the employee of the American TV channel CBS about why trump says all the time about the rivalry of the USA with other countries by the number of tests COVID-19 instead of to pay attention to the situation in the country where people continue to die has caused a mixed reaction in the White house.
“People are dying all over the world. Perhaps this is a question that you should ask China. Don’t ask me, ask China. If you ask them, you can get a very unusual response,” retorted Donald trump reporter of Asian descent.

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The latter was indignant at this answer, and obviously suspecting racist motives for the response, wondered why the US President is talking about China. Trump, in turn, explained that says it is not specifically her, but anyone who asks him “ugly issues”. After that, the American leader turned to the journalist of TV channel CNN, which, however, also failed to ask questions.

After a skirmish occurred, Donald trump suddenly said goodbye to the audience members, the press and left the briefing.
Note that the relationship of the current US President with a significant part of the American media, representing the predominantly liberal press and television, are emphasized confrontational. Earlier, Donald Trump has repeatedly accused journalists of spreading “fake news” for criticizing him and accusing the media of bias.

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