'Don't trust but check': Pompeo talks about attitudes to Russian vaccine 

‘Don’t trust but check’: Pompeo talks about attitudes to Russian vaccine 

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo believes that Russia and China, developing a vaccine against coronavirus, mainly tried to achieve not medical success, but political, which is why the drug developed by these countries should be treated in the logic of “don’t trust, but check.”
“We have seen how Russia and China are rushing to bring these vaccines to market in order to make not a medical or epidemiological breakthrough, but a political-diplomatic one,” the politician explained on the Hugh Hewitt Show.

According to Pompeo, if it turns out that the developed vaccine “does not work”, the consequences may be even more serious than from the pandemic of coronavirus, so such rapid results in Russia and China should be treated “very carefully”. He also drew attention to the fact that China “has already hidden” the coronavirus itself from the international community.
Recall that the “world’s first vaccine” developed in Russia has not even officially passed the necessary tests. During the third phase of testing that has already begun, scientists must determine how safe and effective it is.

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