There was a double attack in the center of Baghdad

There was a double attack in the center of Baghdad

Two suicide bombers carried out a suicide bombing in central Baghdad, killing more than 30 people. This was reported by the TV channel Al Arabiya.

The double attack occurred in a crowded market near Tayaran Square in central Baghdad. At least 31 people were killed and dozens wounded. The TV channel reports that the number of victims may increase, as some of the victims are in critical condition.

After the attack, all medical facilities in the city have been mobilized and security measures have been strengthened. It is reported that security services also blocked roads leading to Baghdad’s so-called “green zone,” where government offices and embassies are located, as well as the international airport.

On July 19, 2020, it was reported that rockets exploded near the U.S. Embassy in Iraq. The rockets were launched from a Katyusha surface-to-air missile system and exploded in Baghdad’s Green Zone. On July 26, there was another explosion at a federal police ammunition depot in the south of the Iraqi capital. The cause of the explosion was high temperatures and improper storage of ammunition.

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