Driver set off explosion in car by spraying air freshener

The Briton overreacted during the trip with an air freshener. Eventually, when he tried to light it, the car exploded.
The driver, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, set off an explosion in his car, spraying an air freshener in the cabin and then deciding to light a cigarette, BBC News reported.

The Briton was riding his Seat and used an aerosol. After that, he took out a cigarette and as soon as he lit the lighter, there was an explosion.

The explosion was so powerful that windows and windshields at Seat flew out, and an explosive wave knocked out windows in the building nearby. The driver managed to get out of the car. The Briton has minor injuries.

Firefighters and police had to block the street where the accident occurred. According to experts, the cause of the explosion was a “mix” of freshener and open fire.

As we wrote earlier, in the Greek capital Athens late at night blew up the car of the director of the prison hospital.

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