Drones Deliver Keys to Geely Customers Due to Coronavirus

Drones Deliver Keys to Geely Customers Due to Coronavirus

Geely has developed a system that allows an online customer to choose a car they like to be delivered to their home. The buyer will receive the keys using the drone.
Chinese automobile manufacturer Geely has launched its own patented sales system – completely non-contact. The buyer will not only be able to choose a model online, but also receive the keys to a brand new car without human intervention. Drones will deliver them to him, according to the automaker’s website.

Geely introduced this system due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the site, the client can choose the model they like and its equipment and order delivery of the car to their home.

The automaker declares that the car is disinfected before it gets to the new owner.

Also, the new system now uses drones to transfer car keys to consumers, delivering them directly to their door or balcony.

So far, such a service is available only in certain provinces of China, but in the future may begin to work throughout the country.

According to Geely, 10,000 people have used it since the launch of the new system. Another 110 thousand declared their readiness to remotely buy a car in the near future.

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It is also noted that Geely has allocated 370 million yuan to develop systems that will provide clean air in the cabin, as well as antimicrobial materials. We previously wrote that Geely presented the seven-seater crossover Haoyue. The novelty will receive the second row of three separate armchairs with individual adjustments.

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