Drug lord Escobar’s killer dies

Drug lord Pablo Escobar’s killer John Jairo Velazquez died of cancer in Colombia at the age of 55. He admitted that he personally killed more than 250 people.
The personal killer of drug lord Pablo Escobar – John Jairo Velazquez, nicknamed Popeye died in the Colombian capital Bogota in hospital. Velazquez had oesophageal cancer. His death was announced in a statement from The National Institute of Prisons and Prisons of Colombia on Twitter.

“John Jairo Velazquez Vazquez” passed away this morning at the National Cancer Institute. The convict was hospitalized with stomach cancer on December 31, 2019,” the Institute published a statement on social media.

The man was 54 years old.

Velasquez was convicted of complicity in the murder of a journalist. He spent 22 years in prison and was released early.

After being released, Popeye starred in a movie, became a video blogger (told subscribers about reintegration into society and remorse), wrote books. I really wanted to get into politics.

According to the killer, he personally killed more than 250 people, and in total on account of the drug cartel Escobar more than 50,000 lives. Popeye claimed that on Escobar’s orders he would have killed his own father without hesitation.

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