During the day COVID-19 sick more than 30 thousand people

In Italy and the USA alone, almost 11 thousand cases of infection were detected per day. Over a day more than 2200 people recovered in the world.
Over the past day, more than 30 thousand people became ill with COVID-19 coronavirus in the world, nearly 1400 died. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, published on the Gis and Data website. As of March 20, 244523 people were infected with COVID-19 coronavirus in the world. 86031 recovered, 10030 died.

Whereas on the morning of March 21, 275,429 confirmed cases of the disease were registered in the world, of which 11,397 were fatal, 88,252 people recovered.
Most of all new cases in Italy and the USA. In the United States, the number of patients with coronavirus increased by 5379 per day, 44 died. In Italy – 5359 confirmed cases, 627 people died.

In Spain – 21 571 cases, 1093 died; Germany – 19 848, 68 died; France – 12 632, 450 patients died.
The largest increase in those who recovered in a day is observed in Iran (1035 people). It is followed by China (731), Spain (488), Germany (67), Japan (41).
However, the WHO data are significantly different. According to the organization, the number of patients with coronavirus in the world exceeded 234 thousand people, about 10 thousand died.
Also, the WHO noted the spread of coronavirus. It took three months for the first 100 thousand to be sick, and less than two weeks for the next hundred.

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