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Eco-transport of the future will run on fuel from excrement

Eco-transport of the future will run on fuel from excrement

The environmental trends that have emerged around the world in recent years have contributed to the emergence of unusual and innovative technologies that allow transport to take a “green” path.
A very interesting project at the moment is the BioUltra eco-rail bus, which was designed and built by the British company Ultra Light Rail Partners. The vehicle is completely environmentally friendly, but it will not run on solar power or hydrogen. Engineers want the fuel for the BioUltra to be biomethane, derived from human excreta and other and organic waste.

The biomethane will be converted into electricity that can charge batteries and power an electric motor system. The team of scientists boasted that their new transport does not emit nitrogen dioxide into the atmosphere; moreover, it removes carbon dioxide from the air.
Eco bus BioUltra is 20 meters long, weighs 20 tons, and is able to carry up to 120 passengers in one trip. According to the plan, the car will be equipped with biomethane tanks, which will allow it to travel up to 3,000 km between refuelings. This means that the railbus will be able to travel long distances across the country.

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Although biomethane is not a novelty, it is only now that projects aimed at the practical use of this fuel have begun to appear. In the coming years, Ultra Light Rail Partners intends to build special organic waste tanks at rail stations across the U.K. that can fuel railbuses at stops and reduce the weight of the vehicles while improving their efficiency.

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