Edible robot developed in Austria

By | June 17, 2020
Edible robot developed in Austria

Austrian scientists have created an edible robot. It has been working efficiently for a year. If the robot is thrown into the trash, the device will decompose.
Johannes Kepler, an Austrian university engineer, created a robot to eat. The device is a robotic trunk of an elephant, which bends and can take objects. The shell material is made of edible gel, writes Futurism.

The gel contains gelatin mixed with glycerol, which allows the device to remain soft and moisturized. The composition also includes citric acid, which bacteria do not like.

The gel of the robot does not dry out for about a year. It can withstand 330 thousand bendings and straightening and only then becomes less elastic. If the trunk is thrown into the trash, it will decompose over time.

As one of the inventors Martin Kaltenbrunner notes, the novelty can be used, for example, in veterinary medicine. Thus, it will be possible to mislead animals and slip them with edible robots stuffed with medicine. Animals will hunt and eat them along with useful stuffing.

As previously reported, dog robots went on sale. Originally they were developed for the military, but after testing they refused to use four-legged robots, and then the company began to develop robots for commercial purposes.

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