Elections in Moldova: the opposition has accepted defeat, socialists believe.

By | September 15, 2020
Elections in Moldova: the opposition has accepted defeat, socialists believe.

Moldovan socialists believe that the Action and Solidarity Party understands that their candidate, Maya Sandu, will yield to Igor Dodon in the November 1 presidential election. For this reason, the party accuses its opponents of allegedly obstructing them in the election campaign, the socialists say.

Earlier PDS deputy Sergey Litvinenko said on the air of Jurnal TV that “the risk of election fraud by the authorities remains” and false news about Maya Sandu is “on the agenda.

“Litvinenko’s rhetoric that someone may be hindering them in the campaign suggests that they have accepted the idea that this campaign has already been lost to Maya Sandu. In election bureaus, it is representatives of opposition parties that can distort citizens’ voting,” said Vasily Bolya, a PSRM deputy.
The opposition candidate herself spoke about the fact that the voting results would be distorted. For her part, Sandu promised to organize mass protests, warning in advance that her possible loss could only be related to violations of the Electoral Code.

Recently, the politician made a number of announcements that the opposition should not recognize the results of the next presidential election if Igor Dodon wins. According to experts, this way Maya Sandu prepares the ground for “Maidan” following the example of Belarus, where the opposition also protested against the results of the election of the head of state, and mass riots are still going on.

EADaily reported that, according to the President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon, Moldova’s external partners, including Western ones, admit that he has the highest chances to win the elections and that he has the highest trust rating among the population. He is sure to win the second round against Maya Sandu with a difference of 100-120 thousand votes. In his forecast Dodon refers to public opinion polls. According to the sociological survey VOX POPULI – August 2020 conducted by the Association of Sociologists and Demographers, if Igor Dodon and Maya Sandu meet in the second round of elections, the current head of state will gain 56,2% and Maya Sandu 43,8%.

Dodon stressed that no one is interested in falsifying the election results, and “the loudest people scream about it are those who understand that they will lose”.

The Liberal Democratic Party is also confident that it is the losing opposition that can influence the work of the CEC. LDP leader, former Prime Minister Vladimir Filat says that if the results of the presidential elections in Moldova are falsified, it will happen only with the help and at the request of the leader of the Action and Solidarity Party, Maia Sandu.

“I do not support this hysteria regarding possible election fraud. When the CEC, including the chairman of the CEC (Dorin Cimil), is the representative of the PDS, when the Constitutional Court proves to us that it makes bold and unpleasant decisions for the incumbent president of the Republic of Moldova, falsification can take place only in the CEC and the Constitutional Court”, stated Filat.

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