Elon Musk is preparing a revolution in the automotive industry

By | July 15, 2020
Elon Musk is preparing a revolution in the automotive industry

In Europe, the production of the new Model Y electric crossover is about to begin. Tesla head Elon Musk has already begun to make high-profile statements on this subject. One of them, made, as Musk loves, on Twitter, says that with the introduction of this car on the European market, the world will see a real revolution in the production of cars.

And, apparently, this is not another Ilon’s “marketing move”, but something that has a foundation. The car will begin to be produced in 2021 at the company’s factory in Berlin. Production will be full of innovations. In addition, innovations will be present in the design of the car itself. First of all, they will affect the body. Musk hinted that before him no one had done anything like this.

Most likely, Tesla in this new product will refuse stamped parts made of aluminum and steel, replacing them with cast ones. Also worth noting is the new paint shop, where Model Y bodies will be coated with three coats of paint. Musk said that innovations should be expected in the design of the car, and installed software. But there are no details from him on these points yet.

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