Elon Musk lives on credit

Elon Musk lives on credit

The famous entrepreneur turns out to have no cash, is mired in debt, and takes loans from banks on the security of shares of his companies.
The American businessman, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Ilon Musk, despite his fortune of $ 39 billion, has no cash and has accumulated a huge amount of loans that he takes from banks on the security of shares of his companies, writes the Wall Street Journal.

The publication also claims that the 48-year-old Musk is actually mired in debt. According to WSJ, last year the eccentric billionaire pledged almost half of all of his Tesla shares. In total, he owns 20 percent of all shares of this company with a total value of $ 29 billion.

In total, Musk accumulated loans of about 500 million dollars.

Journalists of the publication also said when Elon Musk was “a goal like a falcon.” So, the businessman was left without cash and was forced to borrow from acquaintances after a divorce from his first wife.

Earlier we wrote that Elon Musk showed a newborn baby.

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It was also reported that Elon Musk is ready to chip a person for a year. A special implant will give many people a chance for a full life.