EMERCOM commented on reports of Turkey's claims against Russian pilots.

EMERCOM commented on reports of Turkey’s claims against Russian pilots.

Firefighting amphibian aircraft of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Be-200ChS are not involved in extinguishing natural fires in the Lara region of Turkish Antalya, the press service of the Ministry told TOP NEWS.

Earlier, the Milliyet newspaper reported that the Turkish authorities had asked the crew of one of the Russian Be-200ChS amphibian aircraft rented for forest firefighting. After water intake, the plane flew quite close to residential buildings in Lara, which caused concern among residents. Later, a member of the board of directors of the company, which is engaged in firefighting, told RIA Novosti that the Turkish authorities understood that the water was taken from the nearest convenient reservoir, and no claims were made.
“We don’t extinguish fires there,” said the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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