Emily Ratajkowski spoke about her experience of harassment violence.

By | September 17, 2020
Emily Ratajkowski

This time, she did not appear in the magazine as a model, but as the author of an article about harassment.

Emily Ratajkowski wrote a very personal essay for New York Magazine entitled “When does a model own her own photo?”, which addressed three topics at once. The first of them was a story about how the paparazzi once sued her for publishing her own photo, though it was his authorship, on her Instagram page. Then, according to Ratajkowski, she realized that her appearance “no longer belongs to her.

Emily’s second story touched on a case when gallery owner Richard Prince sold her a picture that depicts… her own Instagram photo. Emily and her ex-boyfriend bought back the painting for 80 thousand dollars, and after parting with him, Ratajkowski bought back a sketch of the painting for 10 thousand dollars, which they got as a gift. Moreover, the former boyfriend sold her the sketch.
Emily Ratajkowski
But the most acute topic was touched upon by Emily in her story about sexual violence at the age of 20. At that time, she took part in a photoshoot for Darius magazine, the shooting was held at the house of photographer Jonathan Leder. At first, he took her off in her underwear, occasionally adding wine models, and then asked her to take her clothes off. As soon as the make-up artist left the studio, Leder began to hit on Emily, it was like a fog, I don’t remember kissing, but I remember his fingers suddenly being inside me. I put my hand to his wrist and pulled out with force without saying a word. He stood up sharply and went upstairs in the darkness,
– told the model. After this photoshoot, Leder published photos not only in the magazine but also in his book, although Ratajkowski did not give her consent. Emily’s accusations did not go away without a trace for Jonathan, and his representatives have already commented on Page Six:
Emily Ratajkowski

We are saddened by the false statements of Mrs. Ratajkowski, who is in the endless pursuit of press attention. Mr. Leder completely denies allegations of sexual violence. Sadly, she is so vindictive that she can lie to the press so easily knowing that she can’t prove it.